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How To Start a Blog in 2019 That Makes Money on Autopilot

How To Start a Blog in 2019 That Makes Money on Autopilot

How To Start a Blog in 2019 That Makes Money on Autopilot

1. Determine Your Blogging Interest. I get several calls in a very day. Everyone asking identical set of queries.
They are confused concerning beginning a web log and banging their head against walls to search out a right mentor.
According to them, blogging is simply a way to create hell voluminous cash that they'll do solely with the assistance of right mentors.

The terribly 1st question they raise is, “what ought to I write?”
And I invariably reply {first thing very 1st thing} first.
I.e., the terribly very first thing you'll need to notice is your information, passion, interest or enthusiasm concerning any topic. This topic can be artificial language that you're already victimization in your company, this might be specific job class (like promoting, HR manager, etc.) or this might be your passion for iPhone. At no matter stage you're in your life, we tend to all have some special ability sets and passions that derive U.S.A..

Ask yourself these questions:

• Can I write on my topic while not obtaining bored?
• Do I actually have enough passion concerning my topic?
• Do I actually have enough information concerning my topic?
• Where i need to envision five years down the line?
• Will my blog's tone be powerful enough to appeal my audience?
• Is there any audience for my topic?
• Can I write for six months without concern concerning financial gain from my blog?
• Am I able to learn too several new things?
Once you have got crisp and clear answers to those queriesyou're smart to travel.

2. Notice a site Name For Your web log
                                A domain name is that the name of your web site.
e.g,,, or any name of a web site area unit known as domain names.
So once you have got determined your topic for the blogging, the terribly next issue may be a name.

Companies like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BigRock area unit one amongst the highest domain supplier firms within the world.
So you will have to open any of the websites listed higher than to search out the right name for your business.
Here is that the example of
explore for the domains name, and by chance it absolutely was obtainable.

You can use some name generator tools to search out smart domains additionally.
After finding an appropriate name for your business, you'll be able to proceed with the registration method on the location and create the payment via your Debit/Credit card.

Few things to stay in mind before shopping for domain names:

1. Attempt Short Name: Short names area unit straightforward to recollect and suggesttherefore once your friend asks for the name of your web siteit'll be straightforward for you to inform the names additionally as straightforward for him to recollect.
2. Ne'er get Digits In Domain Name: invariably avoid to shop for name having digits within the URL. e.g,, They invariably confuse folks as a result of most of the time they're going to forget it absolutely was a digit or written in words.

3. Invariably like Dot Com: Dot com domains area unit best as a result of this is often a global identity. ICANN (domain provider) has differentiated the domains names as per the country like .in for Asian nation, for UK, .au for Australia, .pk for Asian country so on. Such domain names area unit smart of your targeting one country solelyTherefore having a .com identity is often the most effective choice.

4. Try and Avoid Adjacently Double/Triple Letters: Domains like, area unit invariably confusing as a result of we tend to forget to feature those repetition letters.
5. Notice a site associated with Your trade Only: Having a site name would be a silly plan if you're attending to begin a web log for iPhone. Your blog's name should be a targeted name for your business. Like I actually have wherever i'm teaching blogging, I actually have wherever we tend to teach development and wherever we tend to share technical school tips. therefore decide your name terribly fastidiously.

3. Notice an honest Hosting For Your web log
You have elite your name.
Now the question is – wherever area unit you attending to save your information online?
Your web log can have some texts, images, videos and plenty of different things. Wherever area unit you attending to store all those things on the internet?
Here comes the role of hosting.
A hosting is an internet server that helps you to store your information.
So your name is the name of your web siteand every one the information of that web site is hold on the server (called as hosting).
As the information may be a terribly crucial issue for your web log therefore you want to choose the hosting company terribly fastidiously.
in person suggest A2 Hosting.
As a freshmanyou wish SHARED HOSTING.
Shared hosting has same servers shared with several users therefore this hosting comes at a really cheaper value as compared to different hosting choices.
Click on Compare Plans button.

On future window, choose SWIFT arrange.

Few things to stay in mind before shopping for hosting

1. Space: Your net hosting company should offer unlimited house.

2. Unlimited Domain Names: Like young arrange of Host Gator permits you to create one web site on their hosting solelyThat is why I actually have recommended BABY arrange higher than as a result of it permits you to form unlimited websites on your server. Therefore invariably opt for the hosting providing unlimited domains.

3. Support: this is often terribly crucial. Your hosting company should have a 24×7 webWithin the case of any drawbackyou'll be able to contact them anytime and acquire your drawback solved .

4. Bandwidth: This is often a touch technical term. In short, your information measure decides the number of traffic (number of visitors) your web site will handle. Therefore invariably opt for unlimited information measure.

5. Easiness To Manage: numerous firms supply differing kinds of admin dashboards to manage the hosting. i'd suggest going for cPanel as a result of this is often one amongst the simplest dashboards to manage to host.

Here area unit the steps to shop for a hosting arrange.

Step 1: Click on this link to activate discount.

Step 2: Click on start button on the location.

Step 3: choose SWIFT arrange as you'll be able to host the unlimited variety of websitesadditionally as you'll get FREE SSL certificate and SSD disk.

Step 4: choose choice “I can use my existing domain and update my name servers” if you have got already bought a site.
Step 5: Add your personal info and master card info and submit.
Congrats!! you have got bought your hosting.

4. Blogging Content Management System

This is the system which is able to assist you to feature the content on your web log.
I am victimization Word Press for this web log that is one amongst the highest content management systems is that the world having over sixty million websites within the world running thereon.
This is as straightforward as operating with Microsoft Word.
They have given associate awful visual editor that you'll be able to use to try to numerous activities like daring, italic, underline, hyperlink, colour, font, font size etc.
Using this editor, you'll be able to play along with your content and represent it as per your site's demand.

Word Press offers you the liberty to put in plugins which is able to enhance your blog's practicality. In my recent article, I talked concerning all the plugins i'm victimization on this web logyou'll be able to confirm article and install the desired plugins on your web log additionally.

Why solely Word Press?

1. This is often the foremost used CMS within the world for blogging.
2. This is often associate open supply platform wherever you'll be able to develop something you would like.

3. You'll be able to install the new style with simply one click.

4. Management of this platform is incredibly straightforward.

5. Several hosting suppliers offers one-click installation of Word Press from the admin dashboard.

6. This offers you the liberty to boost simply with the assistance of plugins.

7. Within the case of any issue, you'll be able to get facilitate from thousands of Word Press user within the community.

And there area unit different a lot of blessings that you may come back to understand when victimization this CMS.
You can scan my orientate a way to install Word Press for additional learning.
After putting in Word Press and fixing all the items check the plugins that i'm victimization on my web log and learn the way to put in plugins here.

5. Grab All Social Media Identities

All massive firms have integrated social media into their business.
They are launching their merchandise completely on social media sites and interacting with their customers directly.
So the terribly 1st task when shopping for a site, hosting and setting Word Press is grabbing all of your social media identities.
You can check the provision of your business by attending to
Here it's showing availableness of my username Educational Carrier on numerous social media sites.

6. Notice an ideal Theme For Your web log

Word Press has hell voluminous themes.
You can choose the theme as per your blog's class and install it simply.
You can check the guide to put in a Word Press theme here.
in person suggest Genesis, My Theme Shop, and Theme Forest for locating an ideal theme for your web log. On Theme Forest, you'll be able to choose the theme from numerous classes like artistic, blog, retail, amusement, technology, realty, education and different classes.

Few things to stay in mind before shopping for Word Press theme

1. Check that that you simply area unit shopping for unlimited sites license.

2. The theme should be straightforward to manage.
3. The theme should have compatible with the most recent version of Word Press.
4. The theme should be responsive (capable of fixing layout on a mobile device).
5. Theme should fit your blog's class.

7. Begin Writing

Yeah…Start writing from nowadays itself.
Your web log is nothing while not you. All you will have to try to create it a web log is begin writing nowadays.
No matter however well you're in English, notwithstanding what proportion information does one have concerning your subject, and notwithstanding however does one feel concerning your writing, your web log can grow solely and only if you may begin writing.
With time you may begin obtaining writing concepts, and your readers can begin enjoying/reading what you say.
But the primary issue is WRITING.
Take facilitate from your friends, scan a lot of concerning your subject, listen to the newspaper and begin grouping the recent concepts concerning your subject.
You are only one step away to open the door of blogging for you.