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Is Java the king of programming languages in 2019

Is Java the king of programming languages in 2019

Is Java the king of programming languages in 2019

Java is definitely the king of programming languages.

The JVM on that it runs could be a splendid work of engineering and is battle-tested in use round the world.
Java supports powerful object oriented programming (OOP) features, and is deployed in contexts including Android development, embedded devices, web-servers, desktop applications and more.

Wait, no, actually: C# is that the king of programming languages.
It has the acquainted C-style syntax of Java, and supports OOP, but it’s streamlined and incorporates more modern features.
It takes some inspiration from the simplest of practical programming and is sort of as wide used as Java, but it’s from Microsoft, and they really know how to design

Great development tooling. C# is definitely the king.
Hang on, though… Java and C# are both descendants of C, which means C must be the king of programming languages. C is the original.
Even today, real programmers write in C after they would like blazing quick performance.
C has galvanized each language that came when it, even (god forbid) JavaScript.
C is indisputably the king.
Problem therewith, though: C is basically syntax sugar over portable Assembly, and Assembly is only one step above binary machine code, and all other languages are basically layers on
top of it.
Assembly, therefore, has got to be the king of programming languages.

What about C++ though?

It’s primarily higher C, it says it right there in the name.
It’s the language of selection for game development and superior desktop applications on Windows or UNIX.
It has a long and proud lineage. C++ is the real king of programming languages.
So why did even Microsoft opt to use Javascript for his or her latest IDE (VS Code) then?
Write your application in C++, it’ll take you forever, and unless you’re literally Bjarne Stroustrup it’ll still be full of memory leaks and security vulnerabilities once you’re done. Javascript is the king of programming languages!
Slack, Discord, Spotify, VS Code, Atom, Notion — all the cool startups ar victimization Javascript to put in writingtheir apps currently.
Learn Javascript and you can write your front-end apps in it, your back-end, your desktop app, and your mobile app. Javascript supports the important parts of OOP, but takes inspiration from functional programming. It’s the most popular language in the world.
Javascript is consumption the planet, and it’s undoubtedly the king.

On second thoughts, I can’t believe I even tried to argue for Javascript!
Have you seen the Wat talk?? Javascript is terrible.
Even The Little Giant Crockford referred to as his book “ the great components.” everybody is aware of that Javascript was Brendan Eich’s decide to trick Sun (owners of Java, at that point) into permitting
a disguised version of theme to run in web-browsers.

Scheme could be a descendant of Lisp, Lisp is “the most powerful language”, the initial language of selection for AI analysis, the basis of Emacs, and has been around since the 1950s.
Lisp is the king of programming languages.
With all those parentheses, though? What about something with an actual type system!?

I have to admit, I completely forgot about Haskell, which was designed by scientists to be the most advanced programming language in the world, and is obviously the king Of all programming languages. That nobody ever uses. What in the blazes is a “monad” anyway??

What about Rust?
It has the performance of C++, but has safety baked in.
It learns some of the best lessons of functional programming and object oriented programming. The new Firefox is partly written in it! It compiles to Web Assembly! Rust is the king!

Go is the king! It’s designed for resolution Google-sized issues, it’s by Rob Pike, and it’s for real programmers!

Python is the king! It’s friendly! It’s the language of choice for machine learning (everyone knows the robots are taking over; welcome your new machine overlords!) You can use it for just about anything!

Erlang is the king! Don’t you want “nine nines” of reliability?
and so on.

Pardon my humor, but my point is: programming languages are varied tools with varied uses.
Java could be a fine language; however the “king” of languages is that the language you wish victimization, that solves the matter that you just have to be compelled to solve.