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Top Seo Ranking Factors 2019

Seo Ranking Factors 2019

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Every blogger wants to know about Seo Ranking Factors for their websites. Therefore they always study about Seo Ranking Factors on the internet. They follow different SEO experts and read their articles. The reason for the continuous study of SEO is that there is fast updation in SEO field. Therefore we should learn Seo Ranking Factors of every year. Today Best ideas to make money going to tell you that about Seo Ranking Factors 2018.
In today’s article, you can learn how to rank your website in Google and different search engines. In this post easy ways to rank your website in different search engines. All the steps in this post will explain step by step. If you want to know about Seo Ranking Factors and also want to rank your website then keep reading the complete post. Let’s start with the steps of ranking factors. Before searching or following others things you must search and apply SEO ranking factors 2017 on your website. When you are going to work on your website for money making online there is need to check google ranking factors SEO for getting best rank.
Seo Ranking Factors Steps
Here I am going to explain all the search engine ranking factors 2017 and also according to SEO ranking factors 2018 Google update step by step. Check below all the points below:
You can easily get rank by following these above steps one by one. Now I am going to explain all the steps one by one below you can see all these steps. There are also many tools for checking all this like Moz where you can check google ranking factors Moz for best rank.
1.Domain Authority
As you know there is a lot of ways to make money online like, blogging, freelancing, affiliate marketing, CPA marketing and many others. All depends upon your interest which you choose. But my favorite and loving online earning ways is blogging. Ther reason is that blogging is a platform which gives you a chance to make yourself a brand and make a lot of money online. There are many ways to make money with blogging like, make money with blogging by local projects, make money with blogging with a website. I suggest you should always start blogging with a website. Because If you are going to make money with local projects after some time duration it will end then you need to find another project. And on the other hand, if you go to make money with your website then there is no limit for making money from blogging.
Ok, Fine If you are going to make money with blogging by starting your own website then some things you should know. Some of them I am trying to explain here. The first SEO ranking factor is domain authority which is more important for every blogger. When you are working as a blogger on your website then one thing need to keep in mind is that you should increase your website domain authority. Because the higher domain authority makes you a brand in internet market and bloggers market. If your domain authority is higher then you can make a lot of money from your website. When your website domain authority increase from 40 to 50 then its time to celebrate your success. Yes, you’re a success if your domain authority is higher than 40 to 50 because at that time your website is a branded website. But there is a problem with many bloggers mostly for new bloggers that they do not know how to increase their website domain authority. Here no need to worry below you can check the tip how to increase your website domain authority.
How to Increase Domain Authority
It is easy to increase your website domain authority only go to Google search engine and search high authority websites which allows you to make a backlink on that website. When you search these websites then you should create a backlink on these websites one by one. Make backlinks on regular bases maximum 10 in a day.
2.Images & Videos
Every year Google changes the policies of ranking according to users interest. In these days many peoples show their interest in graphical posts. So, Google restricts every blogger to increase the images and videos in their website posts. I also suggest you increase images and videos in your website post according to your posts so, that you can increase your website traffic in the search engine.
Always make infographics photos in your website post. Because when you put post relevant infographic photos on your website post then users show interest in your post and website also. And infographic photos are liked by Google and many other search engines. Make your own videos according to your post and put these videos in your post so that users engaged with your post and website.
3.Website Speed
Another way an important factor which increases user engagement with your website is website speed. If your website speeds fast then the user must like your website. In these days people like a speedy website, not the slow website. Therefore always check your website speed and landing pages of your website.
You know in these days android users increases. So, it is the best chance for you to grab a lot of traffic to your website by making your website mobile accelerated. If you make your website mobile accelerated then I assure that you can grab a lot of traffic to your website.  Do not waste your time go and make your website mobile accelerated.
A sitemap is a roadmap to your website. Because it gives way to users to easily understand your website and also gives a way to Google and another search engine to understand your website completely. It is important to a factor of ranking and always mentioned in SEO ranking factors as an important point.
5.Relevant Backlinks
Many new bloggers could not analyze their competitors and also not analyze backlinks types. They make the backlinks for their website without knowing that this backlink is relevant to the website. The result is that the website goes to spam. So, before creating the backlinks for your website always analyze the website where you want to make backlinks that is it relevant to your website or not.
6.Avoid Duplication
When you publishing content on your website then one thing need to keep in mind is your content is duplicate if yes then never post this content on your website. Because search engines not like duplicate content on the website.
7.Social Signals
when you follow all the above SEO ranking factors then there is need to follow final factor of SEO which is social signals. After completing your website you should give social signals to your website from different social networks.