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Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick Quality Check Of Your Content

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick 

Quality Check Of Your Content

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick     Quality Check Of Your Content

Let’s do associate degree honest analysis of your content.

I receive a minimum of a dozen emails every month from individuals pissed off that their article isn’t ranking on the primary page of Google for his or her keyword.
They claim they’re doing “everything right” however nothing looks to be operating. It doesn’t take long to ascertain what their drawback is. With the exception of lack of sturdy back links, nine times out of ten, they’re merely not making content that’s ok to be ranking.

Want to essentially get smart at manufacturing content that ranks?

Pay attention to those five things.

1. Does one have the keyword in your title?

Let’s commence very, very easy. I desire this can be a given and that i should not have to be compelled to mention this, however a shocking quantity of blogs fail to try to it.

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick Quality Check Of Your Content

I don’t care if you’re one in every of those who designly ignore SEO. Having the keyword in your title is way too necessary to not listen to.

You MUST have your primary keyword within the title in how if you would like to rank extremely for it.

I’ve seen blogs with monstrous back link profiles and big domain authorities miss out on a shipload of free search traffic as a result of they neglected to try to this.

Here’s associate degree example: A diary can write an incredible article a few topic like parenting. With a meaty article and a high backlink profile and robust authority, they must be ranking on the primary page.

However, they’ll title the page one thing like: “Some Thoughts on A Sunday Afternoon.”
From associate degree SEO’s perspective, that’s crazy! I mean i suppose it will add up to the reader. However even simply ever-changing it to one thing like “Some Thoughts on Parenting” would create an enormous distinction.

I see this sort of factor too typically once I’m doing niche analysis (having the homepage titled as “Home” is maybe the foremost common one).
Even if you hate SEO and don't have any intention of learning what it's, you’ve a minimum of need to listen to your title tag.

2. Are your articles full of unnecessary filler content?
This is out and away the most important reason I even have such a tough time finding long-run writers: inessential filler content. Even costly writers have this drawback, and it’s an enormous pain within the behind.

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick Quality Check Of Your Content

Every time I order a extended article of 2000 to 3000 words from a author I’ve ne'er worked with, i will be able to find yourself having to chop half-hour to four-hundredth of it. It’s filled with inessential data and add-on sentences.
It may be simply because I am very meticulous regarding everything, however they are writing regarding useless things simply to refill the word-count and it’s annoying as hell.

How does one forest all this?

If you’re outsourcing articles… the sole true method around it's to search out a long-run author UN agency understands what you’re trying to find.

Once you are doing, simply trust them and don’t set any strict limits on them.

Give them plenty of area with word figure every article (at least for the larger, a lot of necessary articles) and provides them many time to put in writing it. Don’t provide those 2 days to put in writing a 2000 word article. Provide them up to every week, or even even 2 if you’re not in an exceedingly rush. As skilled writers,they need plenty of alternative purchasers than simply you. If you rush them, you’re the one UN agency can come back au courant the losing finish.

One of the items I started doing is functioning directly with higher-paying writers and giving them an enormous zero in word count. therefore rather than telling them i need a 2000 word article, I’ll tell them to put in writing between one thousand to 3000 words which they need full management over however long the article is.

You don’t have to be compelled to head to this extreme for your shorter articles, except for larger pages that area unit targeting necessary, high-value keywords, this has been figuring out terribly nicely.

3. Does one recognize the goal of every article you’re publishing?

Every single article you publish, you must be able to reason them in step with your goals.

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick Quality Check Of Your Content

For me, I’m either making content for promotion (getting shares/backlinks), or for fast rankings. It’s one in every of the 2 each time.

If it’s getting to be for promotion, I’ll ought to produce it into a linkable quality and make certain that it’s longer and higher than my competitors. These area unit the sorts of articles I’ll pay longer and cash on to figure with higher writers.

If it’s for fast rankings, I won’t very care the maximum amount.

What do I mean by fast rankings? These area unit pages printed to require advantage of domain authority. after I build up enough sturdy backlinks, I will begin ranking for long-tail keywords mechanically while not having to make any links on to that page. They’ll simply index on page 2 or 3 and slowly climb into the highest five in an exceedingly few weeks. Sometimes, they’ll even index straight to the primary page.

As a result, pumping out articles will become terribly profitable. And I’ll begin outsourcing plenty of content around 800 to 1200 words long targeting longer-tailed keywords. This area unit the sorts of articles I’ll pay less time and cash on. Usually, I’ll work with cheaper writers or simply order a batch of content from iWriter or Textbroker.

These aren’t linkable assets. They’d perform poorly if I were to use them in associate degree stretch campaign. They’re merely created to extend organic traffic monthly.

4. Are all of your articles underneath a thousand words?

Surprisingly, even with all the knowledge on the net regarding making long-form content, this can be still a standard mistake.

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick Quality Check Of Your Content

I’m not locution that everyone shorter articles are dangerous. Shorter, straight-to-the-point diary posts are higher for a few cases, particularly for a lot of specific keywords wherever the user needs a fast answer.

However, having a diary wherever each SINGLE article is underneath a thousand words is sometimes getting to be dangerous sign. It possible means that you’re dodging off and not paying enough attention to the topics you’re writing regarding.

Bigger keywords/topics nearly always need larger items of content. It’s simply insufferable to completely cowl a bigger topic underneath a thousand words. And it’s not one thing folks share or link to either.

So if you’re questioning why your 500-word article regarding the way to change state quick isn’t ranking, it’s possible as a result of it’s skinny, generic, and provides no actual worth to the reader.

If you would like facilitate distinctive that articles ought to be longer, deem the search intent of the keyword/topic you’re targeting.
Which leads United States of America to our next point…

. Do you think about search intent?

Most people don’t pay enough attention to go looking intent.

Why Your Page Isn’t Ranking: A Quick Quality Check Of Your Content

What is the reader searching for once they look for your primary keyword and land on your article?

You need to urge deeper than simply distinctive it on a general level.

Ask yourself:

Ø  What does the reader specifically want for?
Ø  What would create the search this keyword?
Ø  What are they troubled with?
Ø  What data would create them feel totally satisfied?
Ø  How are they feeling once they search this keyword? Happy, sad, angry, panicked?
Ø  Are they in a very rush?
Ø  Are they searching for in-depth data or a fast answer?

The last one is that the most vital, and therefore the one wherever the majority fail.

For example, for a keyword like “how to tie a tie” folks simply need a fast answer. They’re possible in a very rush, and simply need a clear, easy answer. a large a thousand word introduction isn't getting to bring a stronger article during this case. The complete article ought to be underneath a thousand words, in all probability around five hundred to 800 words.

But for a keyword like “how to become a plumber” folks need the maximum amount data as attainable. The longer the higher. A five hundred word article here wouldn't work. If you wish to make a resource that totally satisfies somebody UN agency searches for that sort of keyword, it ought to be 3000+ words long.

These are the items you would like to be able to acknowledge.

Understanding search intent may be a talent that comes with follow. If you get sensible at it, your content quality on an entire can become 10x higher.

You’ll get a stronger understanding for what the majority of the article ought to be regarding, and what it shouldn’t be regarding. And as a result, you’ll have lower bounce rates, longer scan times, and a a lot of glad expertise from guests.


Don’t expect to rank on the primary page of Google if your article doesn’t need to be there.

Ask yourself if your page answers the reader’s question fully and within the best manner. It takes a {great deal} of labor to make great content. It’s not near to having the longest article.

If you'll clearly perceive your page’s goal, and therefore the search intent of the keyword you’re targeting, you’ll be far better at coming up with out what reasonably content are best suited to it.

You’ll recuperate on-the-spot engagement metrics, obtain a lot of links and shares, and develop a stronger following of readers UN agency appreciate the resources you’ve revealed.