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Why does everyone care so much about this Huawei issue?

Why does everyone care so much about this Huawei issue?
Thanks to the situation at the end of WW2 where the US was the last superpower left standing (protected from the bombs and tanks by wide oceans) the US was allowed to seize the reins of international commerce for themselves. The ‘petrodollar’/global reserve currency status and the international banking apparatus are under their control. 
Nobody wanted Iran to have nuclear weapons, despite them in theory having the sovereign right to build them as a deterrent against their nuclear-armed enemies, Israel and the US. So the world came together to halt their fledgling Uranium enrichment program, and after many years of diplomatic effort, it worked!
Then along comes an irrational and spiteful new President of the USA, who arbitrarily tears up the agreement and imposes unilateral new sanctions on Iran, justified by transparent lies. The rest of the world (not counting Israel and Saudi Arabia who are a bit biased against Iran) disagreed with Trump’s move, although some felt bullied into publicly supporting it. China did not support it.
So Huawei simply wants to continue selling their products in Iran (oh, and competing with American Cisco by the way) - ‘Free market’ and all that, right? But the globalist financial game is rigged by the US so that commerce between China and Iran has to run through the big US investment banks. Apparently the US banks were happy to do the transaction for their cut, but got Huawei to sign something saying it didn’t violate the sanctions, probably as a CYA waiver.
So now trading with a country that the current US POTUS and his fans hate can be criminalized as “Bank Fraud”. Sounds really evil right? People who commit bank fraud should go to jail for a long time, right?
Maybe… Except when the charge is apparently bogus.
Meanwhile, does anyone else wonder why no charges are being laid against the American bankers who actually transferred the money back and forth with Iran?