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Why is Tik Tok (app) so popular?

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I think to best perceive Tik Tok you have got to know and appearance at it within the context of its predecessors - Musically .

I think vascular plant will be attributable for primarily beginning and popularizing the trend of short videos as freelance items of content.

Of course YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc all existed before Vine, but Vine was really the tipping point for short videos (< 6s) to take off as a large and serious format in which people made content.

You can read Musically as nearly Associate in Nursing extension of vascular plant, in that it allowed most of the same behavior (short videos) but it added this new layer of lip-syncing which had one huge amendment - it created the barrier to entry of making content a lot of a lot of lower.

For a vascular plant to be "good" you each required to possess smart an honest plan and good execution.

The social price of a nasty vascular plant was fairly high (the same as say a nasty tweet). This naturally meant that like most merchandise vascular plant had a tiny low variety of creators and therefore the majority of the users were simply shoppers.

Musically modified this as a result of whereas having an honest plan and execution was still the most effective formula for having a top quality Musically, the lip syncing feature made it easy
to make videos that were expressly supported by the mechanics of the app. So whereas you continue to had top quality Musically's, many were just people lip-syncing songs, and there was little social cost to them since the app mechanics supported and encouraged this.

This, I think is super important.
It meant that the pool of creators in Musically was huge.

Tik Tok is that this same principle, but taken to the next level.

So there can still exist high quality Tik Toks with unique ideas and good execution, but there also exists medium to bad quality Tik Toks of people lip-syncing songs.

And on high of that Tik Tok has distinctive options that adds camera filters and simple written material tricks that even more reduces the barrier to content creation.
I think this can be at the guts of Tik Tok's success and their growth strategy - their ability to ceaselessly grow the bottom of individuals which will produce content.

Another way to think about this is the sustainability of Vine - there are many reasons Vine couldn't live (not monetizing correctly is one of them of course).

But another essential half is that Vine's tiny cluster of creators command all the facility and leverage on the platform - and since of the restrictive nature of their
format (just videos, super short) creators often got their start on Vine and moved on to other platforms like Instagram and particularly YouTube.

In short - i feel it's implausibly troublesome to succeed if your platform incorporates a restrictive format for makingcontent and depends on atiny low set of users as the sole source of content.

Tik Tok sidesteps this drawback by dramatically increasing the pool of individuals which will create content, in the main my lowering the social price of dangerous content (and additionally by providing
other formats and types of content to exist).

So the reason Tik Tok stays flourishing isn't as a result of their content is super top quality and curated (which i feel it will be over time through higher ranking)
- however as a result of there's a requirement by folks (particularly young people) to be able to create this sort of content.

To speak on the demand for a touch, I think it's likely super fun to make a Tik Tok. This has been pointed out by multiple people and shouldn't be surprising. Making any silly video will likely be fun - but again thats not why Tik Tok is owning this market.

It's as a result of folks feel okay with posting these videos and sharing them. In this manner, Tik Tok is like Snapchat however public and international.

My intuition is that what Tik Tok is unlocking is not a craze and pretty accurately reflects demand within the market. And the way to continue to grow and capture this market is to make it easier and easier to make this type of content and as a result of that, decrease the social cost of worse and worse content.

What I don't know is whether Tik Tok will continue to own this market - I think a number of other apps could copy it - Instagram, FB, Snapchat, & YouTube being the top competitors.

If I had to take another guess, I would imagine that Instagram and FB would not be able to replicate this given that both platforms are focused around neat
curation and signaling on profiles, and Tik Tok is super un-curated and low quality content. I think Snapchat could do this but at this point I doubt their executional abilities.

I think the likeliest contender is YouTube - largely because the already have the existing infrastructure and system to host videos like these, often don't have any strong creation or signaling behavior, have content like this already, and (most importantly) successful creators on apps like Tik Tok often end up on YouTube as the last destination.