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Top 10 life hacks that every 18 - 25 year old needs to know?

  1. Your time now is more valuable than at 30, 35 or 40, and especially 60. Remember not to waste time.
  2. Read about the 80/20 rule and how to apply it to your life. Simple example. Every penny invested now, is worth like 15x what it is worth for 60 year olds, due to compounding
  3. Invest in yourself - read after university
  4. Invest more don’t save it
  5. Spend time with elderly relatives
  6. Keep in contact with friends after university
  7. Get rid of toxic people, the so-called friends.
  8. Take calculated risks in life. Most people either take silly risks or more often than not, are so petrified by failure, they don’t even try to succeed
  9. Travel and see the world
  10. Practice gratitude
  11. Always listen to others but don’t stop doing things because you care about the views of others. Only change your behavior if there is a rational reason
  12. In general, getting married after 30 is better.
  13. Remember that nobody gives a damn about you, apart from your mum, dad and a few other people. So don’t show off to others. Don’t overspend on luxury just to impress people who are not even watching you.
  14. Even from other successful people and why many don’t succeed.
  15. Be patient - in investing, business and many other things