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What do you think about Pakistan?

Pakistan is hands down, one of the greatest countries you can ever visit. It's so great in fact that I threw my UK passport into the cupboard, locked it and then stayed here ever since.
When I'm walking down the street, people pop their heads out of the door and say hello to me, they force me to drink tea and then they make you laugh so hard. You will be holding your stomach…
Not because your laughing but because the Biryani was too damn spicy!
Janab! You forced us and now we must force ourselves!
Pakistan is full of adventures too. A lot of mountains and trails to discover. You can drive for miles and watch the whole environment change within seconds. It's like watching a movie trailer. And the movie is better!
And the cities are full of life. Go to Islamabad and the excitement will blow your pants off. Take the drawstring from the seller and tighten those pants because trust me, when you come to Islamabad, you will be amazed by the amount of western companies sitting there.
And the beauty of it! The beauty of our land! Your eyes will never be the same. The beauty and nature of our country will perform surgery on your eyes and you will have discovered an amazing place.
And oh man, each city has it's own fun. Every city is different and has it's own story. Every single city has something for you to explore. If Christopher Columbus was alive, he would be chilling out in Lahore.
And our music is hot fire. We have coke studio, Nescafe basement and battle of the bands. We're naturally gifted in music. If you come here, you should seriously listen to some rabab mange but don't smoke the charas.
Swat, Naraan, and Chitral or Hunza, in cities like these you will be running up hills and eating fruits directly from the trees. When you reach the top of the mountains, you will be flabbergasted by the view.
And in Pakistan, you are a guest. You will be treated like a diamond. We will make sure you are as happy as possible and that you feel safe and secure. And when it's time to leave, trust me…
You will be coming back within a year.