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Apple starts selling its credit card accepted all over the world backed by Goldman Sachs convince Android users to switch

Apple starts selling its credit card backed by Goldman Sachs

Earlier this year in March, the Cupertino giant announced Apple Card, a new credit card that is offered in partnership with Goldman Sachs — the bank for powerful and rich Americans. The recent development is dubbed as an extension of the Apple Pay mobile payments system. However, the card is titanium, but it’s portrayed as the companion iPhone software that defines Apple’s foray into personal credit.

At the time of launch, Apple claimed that the card would arrive this summer. Nevertheless, during the company’s earnings call last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed a more specific time frame i.e. August. And starting today, a “limited number” of consumers who signed up to be notified about the card will be selected to participate in a pre-release trial that Apple is calling the Apple Card Preview.
Apple starts selling its credit card backed by Goldman Sachs
Those selected users will only have a slight head start on everybody else who wants one: The card is on schedule for broad rollout later this month. Participants in the preview program won’t have to wait for their shiny titanium card to arrive in the mail; actually, receiving it at all is optional.
 Apple starts selling its credit card backed by Goldman Sachs
Instead of living in your wallet, Apple Card’s principal place of residence will be in Apple’s wallet—the iPhone’s Wallet app, that is. Already the hub for Apple Pay and the Apple Cash person-to-person payment service, Wallet will be where you do everything from applying for the Apple Card to pay off your account. That makes owning an iPhone pretty much mandatory to use the card, although a subset of the card-management functionality Apple has built for the iPhone will also be available on the iPad and on Macs with Touch ID.
Meanwhile, the rumors of Apple card have been surfacing on the internet since last year. Earlier last year in March, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple Pay branded card will be accepted all across the world. This includes availability in emerging Asian markets like Pakistan as well.
Apple starts selling its credit card backed by Goldman Sachs
It must be noted that GoldMan Sachs is known to be the biggest of the Wall Street investment banks and has been looking for such a partner which will result in a new avenue for expansion. A Goldman-backed Apple Pay card has the potential for Apple to try deeper integration between its payments network and physical transactions.

Apple launches a credit card that will be accepted all over the world

Apple has launched its all new credit card, called Apple card to improve credit card experience with simpler applications and lower interest rates. To launch its new card, the Cupertino tech giant has partnered with Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.
Apple launches a credit card that will be accepted all over the world

With the MasterCard’s global payment network, “Apple card will be accepted all over the world”, said Apple Pay’s vice president Jennifer Bailey, during the product launch event in Cupertino California.
Apple says that their credit card will make it easier for its user to track where they are spending money with the help of Apple Maps. They also said, the users privacy is their main focus and they won’t know what you have bought and from where. The card’s data will be stored in the same iPhone security chip that handles Apple Pay, and Goldman Sachs won’t share or sell users data to any third party.
Other attractive financial incentives include, no fees (international or over-limit), low interest rates and the company will reward extra points on every purchase. It means that you will receive a cash-back of 2 percent for purchasing any item using Apple card. Moreover, you won’t have to pay a single dime as an “fine” for your late payments and you can pay back the amount in weekly or monthly installments as you see fit.
Apple is also preparing to develop a real-world credit card made from titanium, which won’t have long card numbers, signatures or potentially identifying info of any kind. You can use your card without the fear of theft in any store, because all your information sits inside your Wallet app.

For now, we don’t know much about the Apple card’s functions, what it can do and what not, but we will soon find out. Earlier this month Apple also launched its two new devices, iPad Mini and iPad Air, featuring with 7.9-inch and 10.5-inch display sizes.

 Apple to convince Android users to switch
Tech giant Apple has launched a website to convince Android users that iPhone is better than Android. With Apple’s three phones in the pipeline this year, the move by Apple is good. The whole website is dedicated to telling the users why iPhone is better.

The first question which will be faced after visiting the website is whether it will be easy to switch to iPhone?
Apple Website
iPhone answers, “Yes, it will. There’s no need to save your stuff elsewhere before switching from Android. Just download the Move to iOS app from the Google Play Store and it securely transfers your content for you. That means things like your photos, videos, contacts, calendars, mail accounts, message history, and free apps — including Google Apps. And you can trade in your old smartphone, if eligible, for credit toward your new iPhone”.

There are many other questions asked by Apple that can be seen on company’s website. Protection of personal information is the most sought for a question that Apple has addressed.
Apple says, “Privacy is a priority with Apple. Unlike many other phones, important data on your iPhone is encrypted from the start and protected by your pass code. Apple apps like Maps and Safari help to keep private all the places you go and the sites you visit, and Apple will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. Best of all we provide easy-to-install software updates that help to protect your device and your data from security threats”.
Privacy is a priority with Apple
Apple has expanded its operations in India, where as of now Chinese Android Brands are dominating. Apple is going all out to crush its Android competitors world over. Apple has only 2 percent markets in India but with assembling smartphones in India, the company will challenge its Android counterparts.
 Apple to convince Android users to switch
“We saw the largest absolute number of switchers outside of Greater China that we’ve ever seen in the same period”, said Tim Cook CEO of Apple, according to MacRumors.
Moreover, a recent survey by Morgan Stanley also reports that iPhone users are more loyal than Android users.

Previously, two years back Apple launched an app to lure Android user to switch to iOS. Let us see how Android brands react to this move made by Apple.