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How can I make myself more productive / efficient?

  1. Never multitask: It’s just an illusion of getting things done. You will end up doing surface level work i.e. not productive. A business call and scrolling on social media can’t go together,
  2. 60–90 minutes: Pick a task. Shut off all the distractions. Stick to doing the task for whatever time period you chose. It’s going to be uncomfortable but challenge yourself. This habit will pay off in the long term.
  3. Track time: Whether it’s manually or through apps like rescue time. Get an insight into how you spend your time. You will find you waste a lot of it.
  4. De-clutter: You need a clean environment to stay focused. Clear your desk, your room. There shall be no clutter that will make you uneasy and overwhelmed.
  5. Hardest mornings: Do the hardest things, first in the morning. Set a victory mindset for the rest of the day. Ticking off something substantial will put you in a good momentum.
  6. Small rewards: Train your brain for delayed gratification. Stayed focused for 3 hours? Eat a snack or whatever you consider a reward. You will find it easier and easier to stay focused. Your neural pathways will change.
  7. Goodbye people: Cut off all the friends or family until you get your work done. This might sound mean but you have to put yourself first. People will drain your energy if you let them.