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Top 6 habits completely change your life?

You can never stay motivated all the time, that’s why you need habits in place.
Here are 6 of my best ideas that I am going to share with you.
  1. Self-talk: The greatest way to motivate yourself is to look at your self-talk. If you are exercising and say I can never do it, I am so out of breath then guess what you won’t be able to perform.
  2. Comfort zones: No matter how many goals you set or affirmations you do, if you aren’t going out of your comfort zone you aren’t growing.
  3. 5% rule: Whenever a situation seems unbearable or unchangeable, ask yourself how can I make it just 5% better? This will build so much momentum.
  4. Rewire: Whenever your brain says; I can never do that, that’s not possible. Look for proof otherwise. If you ate healthy for a day chances are you can do it for another day.
  5. Rest: It’s okay to be weak and not always be hustling. Learn to optimize your health. Do things that are good for you; exercise, better sleep etc.
  6. Life’s purpose: Your life’s purpose is to find your life purpose. The only way to do that is by moving closer to the things that you like. Start tapping into your intuition.