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You can make yourself better in one month by following this routine

  1. Wake up early. Morning routine. (This one is the most important of all)
Wake up early
Start a morning routine of your own. If you need help on this, read the book “Miracle Morning”. It’s a wonderful source. I do below 4 things.·
YOGA: As part of my morning routine, I do 15 reps of YOGA.
Meditation. I practice 10 mins of silence/meditation/Chanting OM.
Affirmation: I read out my affirmations. One pager which I have written an stored it on my mobile.
Exercise. I work out at gym 5 days a week. Mostly weights. You could alternatively take up running, swimming, walking whatever suits you. Gym suits me better. Just move your body.

2. Oral care: Brush your teeth twice daily. Floss your teeth daily. You will be surprised how much food gets stuck on a daily basis. Don’t let it rot there. Guess what, when I went to my dentist for a clean up, he examined my teeth and sent me back saying there is no need to clean at all.
3. Consume enough water. Drink one big glass of water as soon as you wake up. And ensure you drink at least 3 liters of water during the rest of the day. Of course frequent trips to the loo becomes common but cant help it.
4. ACV: Start your day with a glass of warm water with bit of lemon or apple cider vinegar. It improves your metabolism and takes care of your gut.
5. Eat healthy. Be watchful and mindful of what you put in your mouth daily. In short, avoid fried stuff, sugary snacks. Instead of deep fried food , go for grilled or baked. Include a lot of greens, veggies and fruits in your diet. Learn to make a green smoothie and google its benefits.
This is a lifestyle change not a short term diet. Train your body and mind to crave healthy food. You don't have to eat less, you have to EAT RIGHT.
6. Cut out alcohol and sugary drinks (ideally). I know, when people read this, they will say “Come on, no alcohol? How do I party??” If you want to drink socially, go for triple distilled vodka. May be one or two pegs. Have a diet cola if you really want.
7. 30 second Cold showerHonestly I am not a fan of cold shower. Its usually warm water shower for me but the last 30 seconds of my shower ends with cold water. It gives me a burst of energy.
8. Cut out the sugar. They say sugar is slow poison. It has no nutritional value. Yes read that again. It has no nutritional value at all. Its an addiction. Google about it for more information. Of course I treat myself for an occasional dessert but that’s it.
9. Kick the butt!! I mean Quit smoking. I used to be a smoker for 20 years. Now I am free from it. Do I need to talk about its benefits? The whole world knows it!
10. Make the most of your drive time. Listen to podcasts of your interests, TED talks, etc. In the long run you will end up gathering a lot of knowledge as well. Like my favorite mentor, Mr. Jim Rohn says, “Make your car a university on wheels”. :-) Make your drive time a learning time.
11. Practice gratitude. I just can't explain it in words how much this has helped me. Your whole mindset changes when our start doing this. This is one thing which has brought me a lot of peace of mind. You will generally be a happy person once you practice this. This one probably ranks 2nd in the priority list.
12. Get a general medical check up done once a year. This is more of precautionary measure but essential.
13. Journalism: I try and maintain my journal once in a few days if not daily. Its kinda documenting your thoughts. Its fun reading the old ones and realize how your though process was 4 years ago and how you have evolved over the years. This is possible only when you written your thoughts somewhere to retrieve in a future point to go thru them. I use a mobile app instead of physical diary since it's safe and secure.
14. Don’t watch TV, Read books instead. Think about it, what have you gained by watching useless shows on TV like serials/Kapil Sharma/Karan Johar etc. It's useless gossips. Grow beyond this mediocrity. Perhaps pick and choose a couple of comedy shows like Bing Bang theory or whatever interests you and watch them selectively. When you sit in front of the TV ask yourself, is this worth watching ? Or is there something better to spend time on like reading books. All I am saying is “ration your tv time" don't just sit there as though you are obligated to watch them. I read books of my interest whenever I get free time. Books have replaced my tv. Benefits are self explanatory.
I read 42 books in 2018!! A personal record for me. Now I am obsessed about books. Good thing to be obsessed about, isn't it?
15. Set goals. it's simple. Goals gives you direction!! Have a to-do list or kind of goal list which contains short term and long term goals. It gives you a direction and sense of purpose no matter how slow you are progressing. Keep checking it off as and when you complete the items. You get a kick out of checking things of your goals and it motivates you to go for more. Don't you agree?
16. Get good sleep. I know lot of people say 5-6 hours of sleep is enough. But for me , I need my 7 hour sleep every day. A well rested body and mind feels fresh and is full of energy. I never compromise on my sleep!
17. Switch off all the notifications on your mobile. Leave your phone in silent mode when you go to bed. Or even better, leave it in the hall. Want something even better? Deactivate all your social media accounts!!
18. Plan and work your way to long term financial freedom. Don’t ignore this. This is still work in progress for me. Do you know the power of compounding?If not, spend a few mins on the topic. You will thank me after a few years.
19. Think, Introspect, Dream, Fantasize. I don’t know about you but I love doing this. It keeps me in good mood. Plus I am a Pisces. Typically they love dreaming and fantasizing. :)
20. Who ends the list with 19 items? Lastly, smile, be kind to others and believe in yourself.
Result at the end of 6 months:
I lost 17 kgs.
My mind felt Calmer and clearer.
My body felt fitter and stronger than before.
Had more energy because of clean eating and not smoking
Had better utilization of time.
Felt more confident generally
Hope it was useful.
My one line to you is “If 'I' can do it, anybody can do it!!!” seriously!
If you sincerely follow this and don't get results, blame it on me. I will apologize to you personally. :-)
Good luck!