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How powerful are the cameras on modern spy satellites?

If you think you are safe from satellite imagery, think again!!!
Stunning Photo Captured by Chinese company Uses 24.9 Billion Pixels
Shot from 230 meters up the city's Oriental Pearl Tower, the Big Pixel image offers a 360-degree panorama of Shanghai that users can pan across and zoom into, so that even people and objects at ground level appear identifiable.
The clarity comes because the image is made up of 195 gigapixels — that is 195 billion pixels, or 195,000 megapixels. As a reference point, the latest iPhone camera takes photos at 12 megapixels.
This image is a 360-degree bird’s eye’s view that can be zoomed to the point where you can even observe the faces of people who are informally strolling on the road. Not only that even the number plates of the vehicles.
You can peer in windows, enter private courtyards, examine the contents of ships or the garments hanging to dry on balconies and glimpse furniture in penthouse apartments. Zoom in far enough and you can actually discern individual items sold by street vendors, license plate numbers and the logo on a woman’s handbag.
This image wasn't taking by satellite but is that the image is stitched together from thousands of smaller photos taken by regular cameras with 600 millimeter telephoto lenses to capture close-ups. This technology is what high-tech companies and government agencies use to track people, It is almost impossible to comprehend how the world has improved when it comes to camera technology