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How do SEO Companies do Off-Page SEO Optimizations to boost website rankings

How do SEO Companies do Off-Page SEO Optimizations to boost website rankings
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For those who may not know, Off-Page SEO can be defined as the ‘external’ elements that contribute to a website’s overall ranking, at both a domain level and a page level.
An example of such Off-Page SEO elements are backlinks, citations, mentions, social signals, etc.
Therefore, SEO companies provide a range of Off-Page Optimization services to help boost a website’s rankings.
It’s important to know that SEO is a vast subject, and Off-Page SEO is a segment of this topic, and is full of misinformation, from so-called “experts”.
However, I can tell you now, the only experts in the field of SEO are those running singular variable and multi-variable tests, on multiple domains within different industries…
This is the only way that you can really know for sure, which SEO strategy is working… It’s simply the process of reverse-engineering.
Some SEO agencies take this kind of Data-Driven approach, as I talk about one in particular further below.
However, on a more general level, there are many ways in which you can increase the number of high-quality backlinks/citations/social signals for your website, taking advantage of the variety of different backlink types (shown below) should give good results,
  • Guest Posts
  • Press Releases (Recommend No-Follow, or Branded AT)
  • Web 2.0 Creation
  • Social Profile (IFTTT) Syndication
  • PDF site submissions
  • Video site submissions
  • Forum Posting
  • Local Business Citations
  • Blog Comments (Balance No-Follow/Do-Follow Ratios)
Studies such as SEMRUSH’s Data-Driven list of ranking factors of 2018demonstrate that increasing your ‘referring domains’ has a decent impact on overall website rankings.
However, what the study does not show is the impact of creating ‘low-quality backlinks’, with there being plenty of accounts where websites completely lose rankings overnight because of low-quality and spammy backlink creation… Therefore it’s important to build the right type and quality of backlinks
However, if you don’t have experience in doing this, you may not want to build all of these quality backlinks yourself, as there are other variables that have to be considered, such as link-velocity, anchor text ratio, positional value and link types.
Therefore, I would suggest hiring a data-driven, affordable SEO agency (which I’ve mentioned below) for the role, as they will save you time and actually get you results!
They have fully-managed, specialized services for local and national businesses, all featured on their website, linked below.
However, if you do want to build these yourself, I’ve included a guide below:
I’ve featured an 8-week backlinking resource guide by The Hoth, an SEO agency that specialises in Link-Building ( How to Boost Your Rankings Quicker with Link Building - The HOTH).
However, for those who want to outsource the entire process, why not hire an affordable SEO agency that specializes in link-building?
In my opinion there are two main criteria that an affordable link-building SEO company is evaluated on:
  • Can the agency provide results?…Look at their Client Case Studies
  • Do they provide good customer service?…Look at the Client Reviews
After looking around based on those two criteria, One of the companies that stood out as having a glowing reputation in the field of SEO was The Hoth.
They provide a range of back-linking services, all of which are affordable and have no contracts, all with 24/7 Live Chat functionality.
Their packages start from $69 and some agencies even pay them $10,000 per month.
They have some great case studies demonstrating their past results, where they’ve improved traffic to some of their client websites by up to 842.4% - Read More
I currently use them for their Hoth X 500 service, which is an entirely managed SEO service which costs me $500 per month (yes that’s how much I believe in them)
But don’t worry they have a range of different plans suitable for every budget.
They have a really solid reputation in the SEO industry, which is a reason that I initially started to use their basic $69 package… from the results that you can see above, alongside their reviews from other clients, it’s clear that they can provide good results.
They mainly specialise in providing white-hat SEO services, and have a widely diverse range of plans to suit all kinds of clients (from large organisations to freelancers), all of their SEO services are featured below:
Here are some of their latest customer reviews.
And here are all of the SEO services that they offer
Fully Managed SEO Services
  • Hoth X - Fully managed Organic SEO service, starting with a custom-made SEO strategy.
  • Hoth X Local - Fully managed Local SEO service, starting with a custom-made Local SEO strategy.
  • Hoth Mega - Fully managed SEO service for companies and websites in highly competitive niches
Link Building Services
  • Hoth Foundations - Hoth Foundations creates mini authority properties that link back to your website, letting Google know that your website is important.
  • Hoth Guest Post - Secured Guest Post links on other high authority websites, to help provide your website with trust and authority.
  • Hoth Local - Local Directory citation building service
  • Hoth Blitz - High Authority PR Homepage Links
  • Hoth Boost - Backlink Boosting Service
Content Creation Services
  • Hoth Blogger - Managed Blogging service, helping provide you with high quality blog content for your website
  • Hoth Video - Video Creation service, helping provide you with high quality video content for your website, and even other websites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Hoth OnPage - Full On-Page Optimization of your website content
Reputation Management
  • Hoth Stars - Helping integrate systems on your website to increase positive reviews on your website
  • Hoth Press - Press Release & Distribution
  • Hoth LMB (Lock My Brand) - Social Media Profile registration on up to around 300 social networks
Other Products & Services
  • Daily Rank Tracking - Keeping you up-to-date on how your website is ranking in the search engine, for specific keyword terms.