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Pakistan, India And UNSC : Why did Pakistan not get the support of any country?

Pakistan, India And UNSC
I keep seeing these questions in my trending like:
  • Why did Pakistan not get the support of any country?
  • What is Pakistan’s next move after humiliation at UNSC?
At first, I did not think this requires attention but it seems many of the Indian news stations are of similar opinions. What that tells me is that there is very little difference of I.Q between “Indian experts” and “Indian trolls”.
Firstly, no one knows who supported who. That was the very purpose of “Session behind closed doors, without raise of hands” at the UN Security Council.
We can only say for sure that China must have supported Pakistan. Other than that we do not know who said what. So if anyone says Pakistan did not get the support of any country or gives a particular number of countries supporting either Pakistan or India is simply talking out of his bum. It is nothing but conjecture motivated by ego.
What we do know is that the session did not end with “Consensus”.
That by definition means no one won and no one lost. No one got humiliated or scared, or cried, or begged for mercy, or shamed, or embarrassed, or disgraced, or rebuked, or abolished. (Yeah! I have to dumb my writing down for Bollywood audiences).
However, this was a positive change for Pakistan as the international community did agree to talk on the matter at Pakistan’s request. Whereas they could have said “No”.
Anyone of the P5 members could have stalled the session by refusing to attend the session. But they all came out and agreed to hold the session within a week despite India’s opposition to the session and insistence on the matter as being “Internal”, while IOK was under complete lock-down and media blackout. So that by default does not make India look very good.
Indian news stations and trolls seem to be confused about “Bilateral” and “International” nature of the matter. They seem to think all the countries and UN which say that Kashmir is “bilateral issue” are supporting India’s move.
All those who are saying this is a “Bilateral Issue” are not supporting India’s “Unilateral” action of revoking Article 370 and turning region into “Union Territory”.
Revocation of Article 370 is not a bilateral agreement but a unilateral move solely by India. That contradicts Simla Agreement, UN resolution and bilateral/international nature of the issue.
Indian experts and trolls (Yeah! trolls and experts of India are used in the same sentence now) have to choose whether Kashmir is an “Internal Matter” or a “Bilateral Matter”. These two terms are contradictory and do not mean one and the same.