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Some psychological facts about attracting people?

Some psychological facts about attracting people?
  1. Do you feel attractive? — because it all comes down to how attractive you feel.
  2. No matter what clothes you buy, what surgery you get — if you don’t feel you are attractive you will behave like it.
  3. Change the way you perceive yourself — do you like your clothes, hairstyle, your posture, your walk?
  4. Do what you think is attractive — it’s self-belief and knowing that you are worth being around.
  5. It’s not that you feel attractive and it makes people like but what that does to your action.
  6. You will act differently when you feel good about yourself.
  7. It’s a two-pronged approach — feeling attractive and start taking action.
  8. You start talking to people, you take the opportunity, you go out of your comfort zone.
  9. Not hopeless action, trying to get some approval or affirming you are attractive — but both.
  10. Believing that you are attractive and taking action — that’s where the magic happens.