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What are some useful skills I can learn in minutes?

One of the most popular sayings in the world – Rome wasn’t built in a day.
It true that getting experience and expertise in a particular field takes a lot of time to acquire. Abilities although can be picked after just a few minutes. This tricks I am about to write would save you a lot of stress and time when it comes to everyday problems.
Here are some of the quick tips you can learn from this thread below:
1. Learn how to change a tire
Changing a tire might look simple when you see others do it – it took me 21 years before I changed my first tire. This can save you a lot of time if you ever get yourself in a jam on the road. It’s very straightforward and won’t take you less than 5 minutes to learn.
2. Be a master fresh fruit identifier
Time to learn the greatest trick of all time, drumroll! If you smell them and they smell like strawberries, buy them: they will taste divine. If they look so pink and gorgeous but have no smell, then they would taste like dung!
For orange or grapefruit, if it’s light – it won’t be juicy and would taste rather woody. Look for the one that are the heaviest that are compared to the ones of similar size and shape – those are the tastiest ones.
3. Learn how to speed read
The first tip to speed reading is to eliminate that tiny voice in your head. Then read ONLY with your eyes, also no matter what you do, don’t ever use the voice in your head. While you learn to read without the voice in your head, read word by word and go over the lines using your fingers. Why do you have to kick out the voice in your head while reading? You can’t say words fast enough to comprehend them. When you read with your eyes, you consume two to three words at a time, and with more experience you become a ninja while reading
4 How to remember someone’s name after you’ve forgotten them
Who else feel awkward when you can’t remember someone’s name when you were supposed to. A simple trick is to ask them to put their number in your phone. This is the best way to get their name after you’ve forgotten it. Most people would put their first and last name along with their numbers. It is always a great way to stay in touch with people and would make sure you never forget their names again.
5. Learn the act of Suitcasing
I had a friend who can pack a whole house inside a small suitcase. The guy was talented. You can also be that talented. Legend say rolling your clothes instead of folding optimizes your packing space by 50% (This is a true fact – I swear!). You can watch a demo by Carlos here.
Also learn John Chow’s excellent technique of rolling a suit into a cabin sized suitcase. 
6. How to keep your pizza crust crisp.
Take your uncrusted pizza and place it inside a microwave. You should also place a glass of water alongside the pizza to prevent it from getting chewy (this is just plain Harry potter and Hogwarts witchcrafts). The water would absorb the excess microwaves by acting like an ‘energy dumpster’. This allows the water in the crust to be preserved and not vaporized.
7. Stay calma calma
When you are nervous – you are about to speak publicly or do an extreme sports, chewing gum would help calm your tense nerves. Why this works? When eating, a silly part of your brain tells you that you won’t be eating if you were about to be in a danger.
8. Unsend emails in Google
You can now unsend all those embarrassing emails you’ve sent on those drunk nights. First, redownload the application on your desktop. You then click “enable undo send” under the “general” tab in the top right corner, and set how long you want the cancellation period to be.
9. Turn your watch into a compass
"Hold your watch horizontally and point it so that the hour hand is facing into the sun. At the center point between the 12 and the hour hand is your north/south line, with north facing away from the sun. So if the hour hand is pointing at 4, for example, the 2 would point towards the south, and the 8 would point towards the north. Just remember, this only works in the Northern Hemisphere; and during Daylight Savings Time you would use the 1 instead of the 12 to determine the center line.