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Top 10 life hacks for students to make life easy

Here are my favorite hacks to make your life easy and funny:)
  1. Instead of using Google, use Scholar Google, you will find more relevant information
2. Choose the right time for studying
3. Eat chocolate during studying, it’ll help your brains to retain new information
4. The biggest lie “I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember it”
5. Always sit in the front of class, your professor will remember you
6. If you need some extra money this semester, sell your notes on the Flashnotes
7. Chewing the same gum during the test as you’re chewing during the studying will help to remember the information
8. Find a study partner with blue eyes, it’s a scientific fact that blue eyed people learn better
9. Use writing services when you don’t have time to do your assignments instead of ruin your GPA
10. Charging a laptop battery to 80% instead of 100% will increase the lifetime of the laptop