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What are your top 7 rules of life?

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  1. Never reveal your next move to anyone..
  2. Keep your bank balance a secret.
  3. Don't use Facebook. It's a real time killer. Yes I own a fb account, don't use much tho.
  4. Gym at least 3 times a week. ️
  5. Use Keep app to save your notes and important points.
  6. Automate few things in life, like auto Emi payment, bill payment, parents mobile recharge…
  7. Call or speak to your loved one’s, once in a day. ❤️
  8. Wanna buy online? Search 10 minutes where you will get it for cheap.
  9. Speak to people with smile.
  10. Reached office? Greet everyone.
  11. Subscribe to best Fitness channels on YouTube, this works the other way, they motivate you for sure. Eg: FitTuber is one such.
  12. Invest some money in fixed deposit. Let it earn while you sleep.
  13. Buy a smart watch, you will see the difference. BTW I own amazfit smart bip. ⌚
  14. Buy branded clothes on offer. They are really worth the buy. I still own my Reebok short which I bought 6 years back. Still doing good.
  15. Not all situations need your patience! Sometime take control of situation, and win it. This is very crucial skill one needs to learn in corporate life.!
  16. Everybody keeps alarm for morning, but I keep alarm for evening as well, just to leave office on time.
  17. Critical project? Stay back and finish at any cost!
  18. Never follow the herd, build your own path.
  19. Reached late making someone wait? Your word's hurt anyone? Used anyone items without their concern in a hurry? Leave ego and say sorry, who ever may it be!
  20. Last one, respect time ⌚. This one never waits for anyone, it takes everyone who runs with it.