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What are your top 7 rules of life?

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  1. Never speak about what will you do next : No matter how close you are to me, I am not going to tell you my next major move that am working for unless I have achieved it.
  2. Speak Less :There was time I thought speaking a lot could get you friends and gain you attention. Soon, I realized all you get is jealousy and you may lose many friends, potential opportunities and lose the respect you have ! Speak less , keep that loud mouth of you shut . It works ^^
  3. Don’t Judge : Your life is unique and the path you took is yours and nobody could follow it or understand it. It’s the same with others ! The moment you start judging someone you are questioning his life and experiences. It’s the worst thing you can do to someone.
  4. Travel : When you look at your bank statement you may think that it’s hard to afford to travel. Don’t wait for your retirement to travel ! Travel young, experience the world, culture and people when you are young. I have met many inspirational people and experiences life changing moments during my travel. I always cherish those moments !
  5. Never Stop learning: No matter where you are , what you are, how you are, never stop learning. Learning rule doesn’t mean that you should learn something academically for a profession, but you could learn anything. Like me doing an online course in Wine Tasting at the moment . The moment you claim ‘I have learned enough, you are dead, never die too soon :)
  6. Exercise: 2 weeks back I finished my 10k race and I am already preparing for the half marathon in two months. Exercise have changed my life completely, I am motivated, happy and positive. My focus has improved, quality of sleep & its time has improved, diet has changed and I feel fresh most of the time.
  7. Reading : How about reading two books a month ? I took the challenge and noticed that I have newer ideas, and it’s really interesting too. With innovations, changes happening around you at a high pace, how will you keep yourself updated with all the latest innovations ? , How do you make sure you are not 10 years behind the present time ?