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What is the unluckiest country throughout the whole of history?

Because there is no other soil in the world and in history together with Anatolia, whose conquests ended mostly unhappy and very bloody, but India did not have that luck.
One of the oldest civilization in the world with the richest resources was never allowed to develop and govern itself. What a pity, too, that their own leaders, mostly prince-states, went to war with each other and could not create a union, thus opening the way for foreign invaders.
For the little ordinary people, nothing has ever changed, either they have been suppressed under their own masters, or under the hands of foreigners, or because of class differences in the name of religion.
From Muhammad Bin Qasim to Mahmud Ghazni or from Aurangzeb to British colonial rule, people in one of the richest regions in the world have seen only hunger, poverty, and blood.
Even though it has not reached all the regions together, a stranger in his own country for almost 1400 years!
As if that was not enough, after you, with a lot of effort and blood, finally got the independence for the first time in 1947, the pain has not subsided and the misfortunes continued with the Partition of Pakistan.
After a few years Pakistan was divided and a new country called Bangladesh was created. Instead of developing into one of the most powerful states in history, brothers have been killing each other on both sides of the border for decades.
Religious affiliation, class affiliation, racial affiliation, has been dividing the country for over 1000 years and blinds people's hearts. Of course it is still very easy for people from abroad to divide and govern the population, including politicians in their own country.
But despite all this difficulty, India is for me still a success story by managing such a huge land mass and so many diverse cultures mostly under peace and sovereignty with a brand new nation identity, and that after a long and bloody invasion history. Respect !
Now think about it:
You have one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world with immensely important resources, a very rich culture, heritages, civilization, one of the most strategically important soils in the world, but you are fighting within your country to save the numerically largest group of people under hunger and poverty in the world, constantly in wars with the neighbors (your own brothers), and certain groups are still trying to split off your own country in hundreds of other pieces.
Who else could be the unluckiest country in the world than India?
Do not allow them to divide you and play the society against each other again.
United you are beautiful and strong!
I wish this wonderful nation a peaceful and developed future.