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Indian society reinforces our social well-being

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Indian society reinforces our social well-being

There was also a time when people waited for an educator to hear the news, or to choose a place where there was such a rare thing as radio, then the famous newsletter on television at nine o'clock. The technological revolution has caused earthquake in the world and the severity of this earthquake proved to be more destructive in the third world because when the lesser ones got access to the knowledge of non-teachers, they lost literature. 

Engaged in teaching and teaching one another, sadly there is no one who understands and learns. This is the reason why society is full of idle scholars. First of all let me be aware that there is no wifi in Urdu, the journey of Urdu is going on despite the difficulties of the route. Today, we have been using Urdu on popular social media, but it is not advisable to present Urdu in the real world or associate it with words of other languages ​​due to haste. 

Write in the letters of, this is how things work but the lasting impression never goes away as we have to prove Urdu on the primitive world. Should have There may have been other reasons for the deterioration of society and the massacre of the society, but one of the most important reasons is the lack of uniformity of the language, not the proper placement of the national language, namely the use of national language, nor the use of the official language. To be

Enemies that have been brainwashed our minds in some way since day one. Our army, our politicians, the administration of all kinds of institutions, our actors, singers, even the common man have not escaped the stagnation. Will we still not believe that our enemies have been sworn in on us? The kind of sabotage is full and we are going to be destroyed because of our own sabotage. The moral fallout is that you can't stand in front of anyone. 

Turned off the WiFi button in my mobile phone and disconnected the world like this, now keep saying anything when the heart wants to open the WiFi button and if necessary I will answer it nowadays. It's time to get in the wind and remember. In a way, this button can also help prevent matters from going awry, but on the other hand can lead to problems, to someone's life and thus to other issues. ۔ This one button handles the gamut of the entire social media, but can also say that the gamut of the entire society is handled, this is the basic unit on which the good and bad events that took place in the world of Donya are all over in a short time. 

The world is reaching from one corner to the other. Who is in favor of and against whom it is readily available from the social media through Wi-Fi, there is no need for any kind of research. We have reached this age of modernity. Where the world is concerned about the environment, when the world is facing sea pollution, when the world is scared of climate change, how to deal with changing extreme weather and the world rises from Earth to Mars or And looking for reasons to stay on the planet.

The Muslims ruled India for almost a thousand years and with the recognition of the powerful government of India, the Muslim kings became commonplace all over the world, civilized and civilized India and attracted the world to them. The Muslim kings have never shown Hindu enmity and have always exercised their rights above casteism. In India there were wars for occupation of the states in which both sides fought for the recognition of the territory and simultaneously the Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. 

Say it unfortunate to the Muslims that unstable tactics have always considered them their friends whom Allah Almighty has clearly stated that they cannot be your friends. The Muslims made all these deliberate friendships, and some rulers even made ties, and today other Islamic countries in the world are doing all that South Asians have been doing since the beginning of the hundred years. Don't know why everything in the world is understandable, but they do not understand what is unity. 

It may be considered a punishment of power. Today, when Kashmiris are taking Siski, they are being subjected to the brutality of India. Life is going to be embarrassing, too, as the UN organization is campaigning around the world on climate change. Do we still not understand that this is a deliberate conspiracy by which we are dragged and dragged into internal and external threats?

Forcing one another to consider how social injustice is that humanity is being victimized in the 21st century, and the whole world is not ready to go one step further without condemnation. Have we not seen that the 9/11 situation in the United States also appears to be unfolding in front of the present Kashmir situation? What can you say to the country when our own Islamic countries have been awarded the highest honor by the world's greatest terrorist, to the palaces of the kings of these lands?