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Muslims Are Not Terrorists: A Factual Look at Terrorism and Islam

Muslims Are Not Terrorists

There was a time when the Muslim world was ruled by the world and peace was everywhere. The dog used to get water on the Nile River. Any unhappy one got justice at his doorstep. The cruelty that it inflicted upon any oppressed. In this environment, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews were all living in peace, as were the proofs of this example, like a goat and a lion drinking water in a pier. The passage of time has changed. The glory has come. Muslim governments began to weaken, eventually Muslims became submissive and other religions became rulers and rule the world.

Muslims Are Not Terrorists

If open eyes are seen then the world is ruled by other religions even today. Everyone knows who is the superpower of this world. The language of everyone irresponsible will be the answer that America The Christian partner of a Christian state is Israel, which is a Jewish country. The United States is from India and Burma. These countries have nexus and they defend each other's interests. At first it used to be a jerk, but since the Trump government came, all operations are taking place and Muslims are being declared terrorists on every platform.

I was watching Dwivedi for a few moments before writing this, and after watching these videos I got lost in the thought that Muslims are really terrorists. Are Muslims killing people of other faiths? Are Muslims abusing someone? Many questions popped into my mind, and eventually these videos forced me to write them. That's what these videos did. ؟

What I saw in one of these videos. Yes, in this video a terrorist Muslim child was screaming loudly who would be at least 5 years old. Mom, Mommy was crying, but the mother who rescued her was probably already in the hands of a peacemaker. Now there was no one to help this terrorist Muslim child. Why was she screaming? Because a peaceful country Israeli peaceful citizen would give him a shock of electricity and then leave. When he made the current, the child began to tremble and when he left, the Muslim terrorist child started screaming.

 As a present viewer to God I say that to stop this Muslim terrorist child I stopped the video as we had not seen the video in full. And my eyes filled with water without authority. And seeing this peaceful person's peace, my heart said that such a peacemaker should be shroud but what could I do? Now I do not know that he screamed Muslim terrorist child died or escaped or became unconscious. Believe me, I have not yet had the courage to watch the video again. But I will pray to the Lord for justice, for there is no greater justice than this person. Also watch another video that briefly states that a child is being bitten and cut into small pieces. 
This video was also not viewed by me in full. Of course this terrorist must have died as well.

I was forced to think that these are just two videos that have not been seen by me completely, while such Muslim terrorists are dying daily. His videos are being made daily, sometimes dying in Palestine, sometimes dying at the hands of Indian peacekeepers in Kashmir, sometimes in the United States in Pakistan by the drone of peacekeepers, sometimes in Burma, sometimes in Syria, even in the US. Indians, Burmese, Israelis are dying at the hands of peacekeepers. Indeed, these Muslim terrorists must die because they have no right to live because they demand their right. The good thing is that the US is killing them as it is now, because America is a peaceful country, a loving country, and they also kill these Muslim terrorists with great affection. It seems and sometimes even asks that you get up and down in the brother …… !!!

Muslims are dying everywhere in Kashmir because they are extremists, Asia's biggest terrorists demand their freedom from India and get martyred, are being martyred in Israel by Palestine demanding independence. After 9/11 Muslims around the world became terrorists, people of all religions became very parsimonious and peaceful and all targeted Muslim countries. That is why the United States invaded Afghanistan and has killed thousands of Muslims to this day as terrorists. Then there are Muslim terrorists everywhere in Iraq, then Syria and they are a threat to the whole world.

The countries whose rulers take off their paint and search. Slavery of non-Muslim countries. Let's follow the hints of others. Do not obey the commands of your Lord if you violate the commandments of the Lord daily, then this is the case. The record of killing most people by some name for some reason sometimes stays with the US and the most peaceful country is the same. As long as our rulers remain silent spectators. We will remain terrorists. Whereas in our country there are philosophers who look at the bearded people and say that yes they are terrorists or they will be called Osamas. Yes, brothers are really Muslim terrorists. Because Muslims are just ordinary servants, rulers or nobles are ready to become anything at any time.

What religion does to the rulers is a political weapon that they use to create and destroy governments and fool people. All I want to say is that it is not too late for Lord Karim. These self-made peace-loving countries should be ready at any time. Someone must come by, Muhammad Bin Qasim, guardian of the honor of his Muslim sisters, daughters and tell the oppressors what peace is and what is justice. The government can run but not oppression. May Allah Almighty support us all