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New World Order and Pakistan

New World Order and Pakistan

2020 is the year of presidential elections in the United States, Trump's efforts to become president again intensify. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was also considered a link in the series. Trump's attempt was to start the evacuation of US troops as soon as possible because the American people now want to call this war settled after spending trillions of dollars and killing hundreds of soldiers. During the last presidential campaign, Trump also applied the saliva to the American people. In other words, in the cycle of becoming a mama of the whole world, the American people want to lose a lot, but now the Taliban are not happy with the terms of the US and the US is not allowed to accept the terms of the Taliban. President Trump has claimed that his decision to negotiate with the Taliban was his personal decision and now it is his decision to end the negotiations, and why not do so while Jews sitting in the Pentagon and other important institutions that have brought Trump to the throne of power. The same is true of think tanks.

As a daylight, we should now be clear that 2020 is the year of the New World Order declared by Israel and the Jews, and that Israel should never allow the US to leave Afghanistan before the implementation of this New World Order. Likewise, not all US National Security Agencies, which are directly or indirectly controlled by the Jews (Israel), will not support Trump in doing so. At this time all Israel's emphasis is on subjugating the Gulf countries, and they have to complete Greater Israel's plan to clear the way for the Antichrist.

If anyone can reach the aid of the handicapped Gulf countries, then it is the East Islamic country, which is also the first and only Islamic nuclear power. Will the Kashmir problem be solved then? This will not happen if the US withdraws from the shackles and the good Taliban rule over Afghanistan. The US will not leave Afghanistan unless Israel is equally threatened by Pakistan. At the moment, I am reminded of former ISI Chief General Hameed Gul, that this war against terrorism is a mere drama. The real purpose is the destruction of Pakistan, but the words of General Sahib used to be something like this. The Jews and Israel must have a hand in what is happening in the dimensions of this world today.

Jews are currently hearing the Judgment Day. They call their Antichrist (Samson) three times a day and are preparing to welcome him. Soon they are about to break down the Golden Temple at Mount Elzeton and expand their search for the Temple Solomon. Every resistance on the way has to be crushed. For this reason they do not have to have a Third World War. According to an important report, on August 10, 2019, a significant sign has emerged regarding the search for the Temple Suleimani.

According to the Jewish belief, the resurrection will occur when a fox is attacked near a wall in Jerusalem. Frogs have never been seen in this area before, but on August 10, 2019, foxes have been spotted there on the occasion of a significant Jewish day, with the Jewish preparations now intensifying, the US president announced. That "talks with the Taliban are over in my opinion". Echoes of this announcement are being echoed throughout the world. The United States is stepping up its establishment in Afghanistan against the agreement. Pakistan's forces and government have been subjected to the worst atrocities in Kashmir.

Our economy, as I have written before, is only about seventy covered. We are indebted to every country, including the United States, China, and therefore probably will not be able to help any country. The blood of Muslims is being shed in the dimensions of the world. Inviting Afghan Taliban to hold secret meetings, the talks are being announced. The international community has been protesting against the Indian atrocities in Kashmir as dumb but the curfew has been going on for 39 days. In this case, international organizations are unwilling to lend you one more dollar and now we have to borrow more to pay the debt. All these situations force us to think. So you must think.