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Occupied Kashmir, a month of tortured brutality

Occupied Kashmir, a month of tortured brutality

Occupied Kashmir, a month of tortured brutality

A month of curfew in the occupied Kashmir Valley occupied by the occupied Indian Army, India has been subjected to severe criticism by human rights abuses and, worse, by other major organizations, including the European Union. Millions of Kashmiris are imprisoned in the world's largest prison. The fear of the Indian occupation forces' freedom fighters and fears that the drone cameras are being monitored on the street by the streets. 

Locks on mosques and Kashmiri houses are enclosed, occupied Kashmir has become a unique region of the world. The system of life in the occupied valley is paralyzed, while food and medicines are gone. Violence against youths has also come to the fore in search of houses and houses but in spite of this the struggle of the Kashmiri people is stressed. India has deployed nine million military and paramilitary troops in the Lakho Rang Valley to prevent freedom of movement. 

The whole valley is presenting a cantonment scene, despite the presence of soldiers on every street, road and highway, the Kashmiri citizens protested and shouted slogans against India. Pilot guns were used by the occupying forces to stop movement, which also injured the youth. Indian army is targeting Kashmiris with pallets of guns and tear gas to stop protests and protests. More than ten thousand people are imprisoned. Which are placed in different places. After filling the jails, the houses have been given jail status. 

Other services, including cable, TV, mobile phones, landlines, are still closed in the valley. Newspapers were not released on August 5. The educational institutions are still closed. The occupation administration has opened schools as a drama, but parents are not sending their children to school and prefer to study at home. According to reports from Kashmiris based in India and other countries of the world, thousands of Kashmiri girls have been subjected to rape by the Indian Army during these 30 days and the process is still on, Kashmiris. 

Mountains of torture are being broken, many youth in Kashmir torture cases continue to demand instead of shooting and martyrdom; The government is appealing to a dead horse like the UN to stop Indian atrocities. It is the UN which, on the request of the tribal people, called back the control of Kashmir line. It is the same UN which has approved the contract for over 70 years in occupied Kashmir. The UN, which has not been able to stop the massacre of Kashmiris for 70 years, who could not resolve Kashmir in such a long time, what role will it play? Kashmiris are constantly being cut off in Pakistan, losing honor, losing their eyesight, being disabled for a lifetime, but affiliation is still raising independence for Pakistan. 

Demonstrating Hit Dharma, the resources of occupied Kashmir were being looted. Despite constant demands from Kashmiris, the government of Pakistan has yet to take any practical step. The so-called protest of sprinkling salt on the blood of Kashmiris is taking its so-called role by demanding the UN to take notice. Hitler Narendra Modi was allowed to pass through Pakistan despite these tense situations, given consular access to terrorist Kulbhushan Yadav in exchange for Pakistan Syed Ali Geelani Yasin Malik, Asiya Andrabi, Masrat Alam, Shabbir Shah, Dr Qasim Fakto Will the Counselor even demand access to?

Those who could not raise the flag of Kashmir, what steps will they take for Kashmir? Even a month after taking no practical steps for Kashmiris, there is clear evidence that Prime Minister Imran Khan has dealt with occupied Kashmir during his visit to the United States. Are engaged in fulfilling their so-called duty by issuing daily newspaper statements and calling overseas. Remember, Kashmiris do not need your statements, definitions of freedom of movement by coming to TV, but they need Muhammad bin Qasim to come and liberate them from the oppression of the occupying army. 

The energy does it just to save it, good goats from Pakistan's government, who went out on their feet while cutting their veins on Eid ul Adha, despite the Pakistani veins, the government's helplessness looked like a dead horse.