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Education System in Pakistan

System of education in Pakistan

Our today's education system teaches bread making but does not teach the way of life. There is no room for ethical living in the curriculum. Tied to a certain thought, here is the race to take on each other, someone's goal is not to be "competent" but to get the so-called "degrees", I was told last week Elder and educationist Mr. Raja Amir Afzal agrees to go to his school "Islamabad Lyceum", Kamal Building, Airy AC room, worldly education as well as religious education, education as well as training which is available in very few schools.

System of education in Pakistan

It is heartening to know that there is someone in this world who also adheres to his principles, and education is a profession. Raja Amir Afzal said that this time in matriculation results, all students have achieved A plus grade which is commendable, while on the other hand the biggest problem is inequality between the private and public education sector. In the last few years, private educational institutions have increased significantly, with more knowledge in private schools than children attending public schools. 

Children have government, educational institutions have become such that there are so many students in one room that the students who sit behind the children do not see the teacher, the number of teachers is very low, of which rarely. Someone regularly takes classes; a teacher has the responsibility of teaching one hundred and one hundred students at a time, and in addition to technical education, students are kept far away from it. Funds and budgets are scarce; teachers are not given basic training; all these elements are aimed at increasing the literacy rate, improving the educational system.

 The most important thing is that uniform education system should be introduced in the country, should be the children of the rich, rulers or the poor should be taught the same quality curriculum, the technical education should be implemented at all levels. English and other scientific subjects should also be included in the curriculum because most students graduating from madrassas have strong grasp on the Qur'an and Hadith, but they are unable to understand English and other sciences. Because they are unable to cope with the times and lose jobs, this system includes science and technology, English and computing. 

System of education in Pakistan

There must be education, as well as workshops for teachers so that they also have training, they are also compatible with modern needs and most importantly, such policies should not only be made. But their implementation should also be ensured. If the educational system is balanced, the future of every young person in this country will be bright and our country will be able to make progress faster, "I said less and less in India (before partition India). ), I have seen no monks, no thieves, no such wealth, high values ​​and such worthy people in this country. I do not think that we will be able to conquer them. Unless we break their backbone (their spiritual and cultural heritage). 

So I recommend eliminating their old system of education and culture. Because if the Indians think that this foreign system and English are better than their own system, they will forget their self-esteem and culture, and become what we want, uni is purely a misnomer. Nation "This is a statement that Lord Macaulay gave in the British Parliament, which became part of history, it was true, reading the history of our great educational system before the British occupied India. What a comprehensive system and what great values ​​and traditions the British imperialism had abolished, on the other hand, the most fascinating of a British newspaper.

When such incidents come up and go viral, the rising tide of anger and public anger does not go away, as such people do not get severe punishment despite being caught under the law, the absence of harsh punishment can be a sign of legal punishment. Yes, it is also surprising that there is a law in Punjab for the protection of domestic workers, not in other provinces, it should be washed if the face is stained, spitting on the mirror is not beneficial, child labor and especially household chores. Employing children for is no less than a stain on the face of our society; the British newspaper's report, however, is not recognized. 

This may be because the number of young employees is probably high, secondly, the numbers that are shown in the report are not credible, however, it cannot be denied that most people employ young children. They are easy to control and exploit, poverty is such that parents employ their children for only a few hundred rupees, where they get only two meals a day, poverty continues to increase. Child labor will be encouraged by Punjab government passing Domestic Workers Act This is kind of simple but not enough, it will have to devise a comprehensive strategy. 

System of education in Pakistan

Unless there are alternatives, man will compromise with the situation no matter how cruel he is. It has to be done, every political party is demanding representation of every class, there is no shortage of statements to represent students and youth, in respect of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto's brother-in-law Nawaz Sharif, the leader of the Jamaat-e-Islami, the MQM's leadership. Imran Khan's soldiers are all ways to engage the youth and connect their politics to the national mainstream, in fact impressed Vajun is not dissatisfied with any political party - he works head-to-head under the guise of change and youth, but in the end his hands remain empty. 

All political parties are occupied by power and interest groups who occupy decision-making through votes and notes and then use the young blood for their own purposes. Useful to create a pyramid of power for them, dreaming of young people giving them a green garden, these political factions take their jobs and They leave the laborers half way and go ahead. Now the municipal elections have come, the demand for youth has increased everywhere, be it the PTI or the PML-N, the People's Party, or the Jamaat-e-Islami, the students of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam seminaries, or the young Nationalist party's nationalist party. 

Everybody is pushing the young men into the field, but the leadership still feels in the hands of the old parrots and the aging horses that this time the riders are getting old and the saddle will go to the young ones ...? Children who drive behind cabs, order tuition packs, house tuition workers, youths, salespeople working in a private firm, day laborers, or laborers working on the oven. ... and these millions of people leave their homes every morning in this country, burn their blood to run their house, or have a storm or a storm. 

They can only relieve their illness, they can not afford to get sick because their pockets can get them more than a cold, cold. C does not allow sickness - because on the day their body does not have energy, on that day their owner will stand up and expel them from the job ... on the day they will not get a day or this Unable to work due to illness On that day, no one will ask them how your living will be ... Who will pay for your illness ...? Parties do not care - the people have to hold these interested political parties accountable with their "votes", and this will be a revolution, our system of education.