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The Golden Principle Of Guerrilla Warfare : Kashmir Issue Between Pakistan and India


1. Convince the occupying country that it is gaining less and gains more from its occupation

2. Perform actions that will cause the enemy more and more damage than you do

  How Afghan Mujahideen defeated Russia in ten years and turned it into pieces?

And in the nineteen years the only superpower equipped with the latest weapons in the world forced America to lick its wounds by defeating forces of forty countries.

And Kashmiris have been fighting for freedom for the last seventy years, but their effects have not been seen anywhere.

On the one hand, how are the Afghan Mujahideen wielding successes and on the other hand why Kashmiris are failing and desperate.

In fact, in both ways, the earth is the difference of the sky.

Kashmiris have been striking for the past seventy years. Are protesting. Are demonstrating. The thin eyes of the Indian rulers are burning. So ever the Indian flag.
Let’s close down our businesses. Their educational institutes are closed at school colleges and universities.

Submitting your correspondence to the UN office. Sometimes call the OIC. Sometimes Pakistan gives a decade to some countries in the world including America. But no one listens. Sometimes they spread their hands in front of others, sometimes they complain to anyone.

Sometimes the Hurriyat leadership of Kashmir is crying and crying, sometimes the women and sisters of Kashmir appear to have daughters.

But it is possible for anyone in the world to see what is ringing in their ears. Someone in Kashmir has troubles with abandoned houses orphaned orphans and children being ruined.

What is the reason why nobody listens to them?
How the Afghan Mujahideen have become the world's first major fighting force after defeating Russia and the United States.
He never knocked on the UN door.
He never applied to the OIC.
He never appealed for help from Muslim countries.

They should not bow down to anyone.
They never protested or held rallies.
Never strike. And never closed his own business or closed his bread.
He never spread his hands in front of anyone, nor did he help anyone.
Then the reason is that Afghan Mujahideen succeed and Kashmir failed.

Whenever the Afghans raise their hands, before their Lord.
Whenever weeping weep it before our God.
Whenever you call for madam, ask your Allah.
Whenever you mention your troubles and troubles, you will have to relieve your hardships.

They see the Book of Allah, the Merciful God. Then they don't have to look anywhere else. Then they do what their Lord advises them in the Qur'an.

47: 47

So do not be discouraged and do not call for reconciliation. And you are the Mighty. And God is with you. He will never reduce (or lose) your deeds.

Surah Muhammad

He continued.

When you meet the disbelievers, blow their necks off. Even when you kill them, hold them firmly in place. Then he should either give up graciously or take some of his possessions and even keep (his) weapon in the fight. And if Allah had willed, He could have avenged them. But he wants you to try (one) with the other. And those who are slain in the way of Allah will never lose their deeds.

(Surah Muhammad)

  On the other hand, the number of Muslims in Afghanistan is not more than that of Kashmir. But there are Afghan fighters and Kashmiris who have been beating for the last seventy years. The jihadists of Kashmir also fought against the Mujahideen who came from Pakistan and when their entry into Kashmir was closed. Kashmiris will then sit with their hands on their hands. The Indian Army kills ten to fifteen Kashmiris daily, but it is advisable to plan any attacks on the Indian Army. The only Mujahid of Kashmir is Burhanuddin Wani. Who was martyred while fighting the Indian Army. Which today holds the status of great leader. All the rest will be martyred in houses or in prisons in the demonstrations.

If Kashmiris want Kashmir to be free.

End the procession strikes and demonstrations.
Instead of setting expectations for the UN and the OIC or other Muslim countries, establish a relationship with your Lord. Expect the same.
And only one person came out of every street in the name of Allah. not more .
And the target of killing only one Indian soldier is not much.

You will see how quickly Kashmir is liberated.
And if they want to be released soon, then Kashmir will be spread across India. As soon as the Indian Army attacks on India will begin, they will soon leave Kashmir.

In the last seventy years, the Indian Army has martyred more than one lakh Kashmiris. If every one of them was killed by an Indian soldier, then Kashmir would have been free today.

Do the planning

Just to kill an Indian soldier. And your