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The horrific end of nuclear war between Pakistan and India

Yesterday, the US think tank "Start Four" said in its report that tensions between Pakistan and India with nuclear capacities are booming these days, with New Delhi launching a special status given to Kashmir illegally. By eliminating the wind, the Kashmir Pak-India nuclear war can be a problem. "

Pak india war

It is a fact that wars result in the loss of indiscriminate human lives, millions of people are killed, women are widowed and children are orphaned. Famine is widespread in countries, and for centuries, backwardness becomes their destiny.

The tense situation between Pakistan and India is extremely worrying for both countries and the rest of the world, as both countries are equipped with nuclear weapons, and how can the situation change after any adventures between the two countries armed with nuclear weapons. It is also difficult to think about. While Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has pointed out the first use of nuclear weapons in a statement and media interaction on social networking site Twitter. Responding to this, Army Chief Pakistan General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that we are fully aware of the danger on the eastern border which is related to the current situation in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir, completely to thwart any missed adventure or aggression. Ready, take a closer look at the situation in occupied Kashmir, Pakistan Army will respond to any aggression. ”

It should be clear here that there has never been a war between the two nuclear powers, so it is not possible to estimate the destruction of nuclear weapons, but if there is a nuclear war between the two countries, it is hardly possible to describe the horrors of the two countries. I live

If there is a war between Pakistan and India, whether it starts with non-nuclear weapons, the chances of using nuclear weapons will certainly increase, and they all know that war is easy to start and very much to stop. Difficult. The world has previously been subjected to two great non-nuclear wars, the side effects of which many countries still call war.

Three million people were killed in World War I and six million in World War II, meaning that in the twentieth century the population of nine million was eliminated. While nuclear bombs are not like chemical bombs, they are very different from them. Not only can they cause much more destruction than chemical bombs, but the destructive effects of nuclear bombs last decades, even decades after their use.

The radiation that came out after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl in 1986 reached hundreds of thousands of miles by air, leaving Chernobyl and the nearby cities empty. However, because of the radiation, remote vegetation could not be eaten or goat's milk could not be eaten.

Similarly, the events of Hero Shima and Naga Saki have been more than fourteen years, it is true that life has come to normal there but it is worth wondering whether the price that the residents of Hero Shima and Nagasaki paid. Is it necessary for the people of any city in India and Pakistan to pay that price too? Atom bombs do not establish peace, so it is important that the residents of both countries and the media of the two countries are fully aware of the far-reaching effects of nuclear war and the economic damage it can cause. God forbid if a neighboring country invades another country, can its own country be protected by the radiation effects of its nuclear attack?

American scientist Einstein was working on a US nuclear program, after World War II, someone asked him, "Sir!" What would the Third World War be like? Einstein replied that I do not know about the Third World War, but that the fourth war would be with great swords and poles. There is a great deal hidden in Einstein's response that perhaps indicates that the Third World War was very The catastrophic countries in which the atomic bombs of the world can use atom bombs and these nuclear weapons can cause many countries to defy their geography, and they will plunge into the dust of such wastes that they will then have the knowledge. There will be no art, no science, no war equipment, so they will fight sticks.

Pak india War

The international community has a great deal of responsibility for resolving the tensions between Pakistan and India. Especially on major powers such as the United States, the UK, France, Russia and China, because any increase in tensions between the two nuclear countries can lead to the use of nuclear weapons, whose radiation effects only extend to those countries. They will not be confined but will go far, because destruction does not accept borders. It is time that Pakistan and India, which are the nuclear countries and neighbors of each other, take away the thought that we should have a war between each other.

It is good to hear that during Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit to the United States, President Trump offered mediation between Pakistan and India on Kashmir issue and was welcomed by Pakistan. Because Kashmir is the real cause of conflict between Pakistan and India, but India is not serious about resolving the issue with its bigotry, though India has the best chance of peaceful dialogue. But perhaps India is convinced of the use of force rather than peaceful dialogue, which is why Indian forces continue to fire line control.

But India must remember that war is a game of fire and blood which results in destruction and ruin, poverty and orphanage, disability and poverty. India's aggressive activities and war-ravaged two nuclear powers in the subcontinent have virtually reached the brink of a major war, and global warfare is sure to affect peace in countries equipped with nuclear weapons.