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The only solution to the Kashmir problem is the "Guerrilla War".

Since the ruling BJP of India has abolished Article 370 of the Indian Constitution and has abolished the special status of Kashmir, the struggle for independence in occupied Kashmir has not only been further increased but also by the Pakistani people and rulers. The Chinese wave has run out. The government is trying to make the UN aware of the truth about Kashmir through its diplomatic efforts, but it seems that the international community is not paying attention to this serious problem. He deserves it. In this case, the attitude of Muslim countries is also very sad. 

Therefore, in today's cells, mosques and concerts, the question is the common language, what will happen to Kashmir? Although it is difficult to give an accurate answer, it is not difficult to guess that the international community is not ready to play any significant role in this matter. What Pakistan has to do now is to do it by Pakistan or Kashmiris themselves. Since Pakistan and India are both nuclear powers, the war between them is speculative after all. However, there is only one way for India to chew noses and help Kashmiris, and that is the way of guerrilla warfare.

Guerrilla warfare or guerilla warfare is a war where usually a small but dynamic force is fought against a larger but less dynamic conventional force or army. Such a war is usually done by stealth and invasion, in which there is no open battle. In the area where this war is fought, if its inhabitants support the raiding power, The situation in Kashmir is such that people want independence from India, they do not want to be with India. 

Many young people there are ready to fight against India and offer up their lives. If they have the upper level organized and integrated political and military tactics and the smaller units at the lower levels are very dynamic, then the Indian army will be tired and discouraged in the short run. I include war against the US military, operations against US and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Undoubtedly Pakistani forces are counted among the finest in the world, but in the present scenario, open war with India would not be a wise move. Although efforts are currently being made on the diplomatic front, they may not prove fruitful.

In such a situation, the only way left is to start a guerrilla war by providing moral and technical support to Kashmiris for independence. As a result, India will be forced to recognize Kashmir as an independent state. After eliminating the special status of occupied Kashmir, the struggle of Kashmiris is in urgent need of a new spirit. Freedom and oppression of Muslims in occupied Kashmir has never been before, the use of ballot guns. And more than one million innocent Kashmiri Muslims martyrdom and rape cases if the world conscience is tangled Then there is only one way, that is the way, of guerrilla warfare, if the knee is not pulled straight with the fingers, then the fingers have to be twisted and pulled out. 

It is time, freedom of Kashmir, now is the time to take action. Now, it is time to reverse India's brutal move, we can never forget our leader, Quaid-e-Azam's view that Kashmir is the backbone of Pakistan and we announced this two-point statement of the present Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa. He also fully asserts that there will be no compromise on Kashmir. Kashmir will become Pakistan. But for that, Kashmiris have to be willing to fight guerrillas. The Ghanis had driven Russian troops out of Afghanistan through guerrilla warfare, and so has the time to launch a guerrilla war to oust Indian troops from Kashmir.