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Tik Tok Fever :A temptation

Tick ​​talk a temptation

The Talk Talk outbreak has spread around the world nowadays. This application was introduced in September 2016… .and it was used worldwide in a very short time… .In the beginning this application was called Musical. Named after Tick Talk after being updated later… ..

After all, what's the point of talking about people who are using this app so much… ..that's the same curiosity that happened to me and I also created my own private account on Tick Talk… ..I made my own videos. I didn't even want to… .I just wanted to see what was so special… ..that I just created an account ……! If an ordinary person starts to get fame in some way then that person becomes addicted to that fame… ..Talk Talk is also an app that is very positive in getting a guy out of the ordinary ……

After observing closely, it is learned that every man is behind this app because it is best for time spent also gives you fame. You know people like your good performance like comments and share. They also do a video of your making that you just made so viral that they even get to the media while they are being shared and then you become a famous Tuck Talk star in your city…. Talk stars include boys and girls, kids, adults ... ... who will dance and act as if they are appealing to people ... ... on some good content. If a video of a guy is successful, then the next hundred people copy this content and make videos and get shit ... ... and now in regular cities for talk-talk stars like MNG and Matt & Grits. There are people who buy tickets to watch their performances as well as selfies and upload these videos to social media ... ... again, remind them that the top girls There are also… ..that makes everyone laugh as well as make special pictures and videos every time you say….

There is no doubt that a lot of talented people have come out through the tick talk… .that is really appreciated… .but the requirement of faith says that making open videos of girls like this is not our religion in any way. It is not wrong to go out and dance with the boys and then to make videos and videos afterwards… .I am referring to the special girls because the girls are respectful of the houses and the honors are around. But the auction does not take place by dancing… .Even while reading these things may seem bitter, but the truth is bitter… ..when watching these videos, They are fond of liking and then commenting on it too much… .It even writes abusive words and some even make videos with some unethical videos and then the same girls. Later beheaded… ..

In fact, talk talk is spreading like a disease in our society. It is a drug that once addicted, then it is difficult to quit… .. because those people who are in the millions of followers are earning through this app. … .That's the thing, who doesn't like fame money… Talk has given this platform to people who are all taking advantage of it.