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Why Indian Space Mission disconnected from Earth before landing on the moon?

India's spacecraft has said it has lost contact with its mission to the moon, Chandran Too. This contact was disconnected when the moon was about to descend to the moon shortly after.

Why Indian Space Mission disconnected from Earth before landing on the moon

In the chair of the Center for Space Research, the survey said that the disconnect had triggered a national project designed to land in the southern polar region of the moon.

He said that space scientists are investigating the matter.

India was hoping that it would become the fourth country to land its spacecraft after the US, Russia and China. But he is thinking ahead.

Indian scientists expected that their Chandrian would land in the south polar region of the moon, which they say is a place where no country has ever been in a scientific mission before and no one in that region. Don't know anything about

The moon carriage separating the spacecraft will provide scientists with better information about the surface of the southern polar region and the minerals there.

The area where the moon was chosen to take off, there are ditches and pits, which can provide scientists with information about the early stages and creation of solar systems.

India sent its first mission to the moon in 2008, Chandrayan Wan. It did not land on the surface of the moon, but with the help of radar, it was discovered that the polar regions of the moon found the presence of snow.

Indian scientists expect that there is a large amount of water in the south polar region of the moon, and the Chandranian will provide them with more concrete information.

From this experience, they will also know if it is possible to establish a human population on the moon because water is of vital importance to life.

The last time man made his steps on the moon was in 1972. These were the three American astronauts who went through Apollo 17. In addition, five mice have also returned to Earth by going to the moon.

Why Indian Space Mission disconnected from Earth before landing on the moon

Indian scientists say that the success of Chandra Yan-Too may pave the way for sending Indian missions there. After that, our next destination is the red planet Mars, where eventually human colonies will be formed.

NASA says that they think the United States can land humans on Mars within 25 years. For which work is being done. However, this is a very difficult task as the distance from the Earth to Mars is 22.5 million kilometers. While the moon is just 300,000 kilometers away.

If water is found in the southern polar region of the moon, the moon will provide a pivotal task in traveling to Mars and can also be used to test the technologies scientists want to take on Mars.

India's Chandrayan-to-Missions cost a total of $ 14 million. That's a lot less than all the other countries that send missions to the moon. India has manufactured vehicles and equipment used in this mission.

In contrast, the United States alone spent more than $ 100 billion in its Apollo missions.

If Chandrayaan-to-Mission had succeeded, it could have opened the way to sending cheap missions to the moon, and this mission was even more important because the private sector is now thinking of investing in space, in which cost-cutting is very important.