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10 Reasons Why People Don't Receive Your Call?

When talking about this topic, everyone thinks of Victim, that is, the person who has not been called but rescued, and then various philosophical articles are said and heard in this regard. As if disrespecting his call, his self-respect was denied, his importance was rejected, he was removed from the list of priorities or his sincerity and love were rejected. Generally a very famous phrase so that you will also read repeatedly.

"If someone doesn't receive your call or reply to you in two hours, he / she actually doesn't want to talk to you, no one ever keeps his / her phone aside for a long-time"

That is, if someone is not receiving your call and does not respond to you within a few minutes, he does not want to talk to you, as no one is away from his mobile for more than a few hours.

Let's see what happened to insensitive and mixed people, now we have to look at the thinking of the person who doesn't actually rescue your phone, and in this regard, I would like to share some facts based on my personal experience. ۔ That means if I do not do a call rescue, what are the possible reasons for this, and it is not at all a matter of fact that no one is actually threatening his / her engagement or officer by not having a phone rescue. There is no such person as a fool who deliberately ignores his compatriots for compulsion. Well, here are some reasons why you are often suspicious of people that they do not receive your call rescue:

1. You usually take care of your schedule and ease of calling when you call someone, which means you have time to call someone, but you have time, circumstances, engagement for the receiver. And ignore the routine-associated Constraints.

2. You have the habit and longing to have long, meaningful, and unprofessional conversations, which can certainly be met at a meeting that has no purpose, and we regularly spend time with our friends but also on mobile phones. Chatting is not a disease of everyone's bus.

3. You always call anyone based on your needs and goals, meaning you have never contacted someone as important as what you said, but when you have your own business you feel it is important to contact them.

4. You are unable to distinguish between unnecessary and unnecessary things, and even after the purpose of the call has been accomplished, "read more", "and then ??" As we use the Clauses seamlessly, the next person becomes a victim.

5. Your call is always a repository of tensions, chatter and inflation. Your phone hearer knows that you are not going to talk positive and does not perform a call rescue to prevent his mood from deteriorating.

6. You are accustomed to enforcing your plans and schedules on people, and the person you are calling knows that they will not refuse to let you go, so they just hate to pick up the phone, Otherwise, if he believes that as soon as he apologizes to you, you will immediately understand his problem and he will surely rescue you and apologize to you.

7. You always have the habit of reaching out to people at the end of time to find out if you want to meet them or do you have a job for them, and so on. Regardless of the particular economic or business status of the day, people schedule their activities based on hours, days and weeks, and your "sudden approach" is likely to ruin their schedule.

8. You do not understand or perhaps do not understand the differences and preferences of individuals, some people are very welcoming, they are always waiting for you or anyone else to act and as soon as you do not reach out. Respond to you, some people are no longer as natural as they are, simply because they are not able to do it, so it is not the Welcoming of those who do not, nor the evil of those who are not. It is nature and protects us from many negative thoughts and anxieties in the familiarity of nature. So after deciding on your own, you have to decide how you should treat a person according to his or her nature so that he does not run away from you.

9 There is a problem with your phone which causes your voice to not ring properly at the next hearing and it doesn't make sense. On the other hand, you are also misplacing your phone while you are still off-balance.

10. You have a habit of asking for credit, Favors, and the things others use. Which is why people think of your call as an excuse first, then don't call the rescue, and then when they meet, they stop pretending.

All of this is not done with the intention of making a joke, but these are the facts that we, including myself, should keep in mind, even though nowadays, when the phone has become an indispensable necessity. So it should be used equally efficiently because most people seem to pretend "you don't care about anyone's emergency". So Mr. Emergency is ignore because of these facts.

Experiment if any of these things make you feel that you are there, try removing it. Then see how people don't call rescue