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7 easy ways to reduce facial obesity

Most people lose weight but the face is heavy. After losing weight, it does not feel good to be overweight. Delicate figures make the face beautiful. Losing weight from a specific part of the body is usually more difficult than losing weight all at once. Thinning of the face requires work on the entire body. Occasionally facial fatigue or the use of a diet may cause occasional swelling. This inflammation is especially noticeable when waking up in the morning, which in itself decreases after a while. However, if you want to lose weight or lose fat, try the following tips:

1. Exercise the face
* Extend the eyes and look carefully at a spot. Keep your face in the same position for ten seconds then release. Repeat this process five times.
* Make a fish fee. Pull the cheeks inwards. Do this exercise five times at a time.
* Take a deep breath and stretch your lips. Now push the air to the right and left. Continue this for five minutes.
* Look upwards and exhale loudly. This is a good exercise for beautifying the cheekbones.
* The best exercise is to smile. The more you smile, the more the face will remain in shape.

2. Excessive use of water
Water is the best diet to dissolve fat. Drinking large quantities of water not only reduces weight but also protects many types of diseases.

3. Use of a healthy diet
If you want to reduce facial fat then using the right diet is very important. It also provides your body with the necessary nutrients and energy. Increase the use of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Eat meals always on time. Eating late at night does not digest properly, causing swelling in the face. Eat a diet rich in calcium and fiber.

4. Calm sleep
Lack of sleep leads to swelling of the face. Having complete sleep on time also improves health. A minimum of eight hours of sleep is very important for good health. If you do not get enough sleep, the skin starts to fade and the eyes begin to lighten.

5. Chewing gum
Chewing chewing gum reduces facial fat. This is a great exercise for face shaping. However, use cheongam sugar-free.

6. Facial Massage
Regular massage reduces facial weight faster. It improves the oxygen and blood flow to the face. In addition, the skin of the face is tight with massage. Facial massage is done twice a month by face massage.

7. Avoid smoking
Smoking causes water to accumulate under the skin, causing swelling in the face and making your face look thick. Avoid smoking to keep the face slim.