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Considering that more than a billion people are currently deprived of electricity in the world, many scientists in the world are trying to find the cheapest and most effective way to generate electricity, a new system has recently been discovered at night. 

Turns out the heat from the earth into electricity, and in the first phase, it can charge mobile phone charging, as well as batteries that keep the LED lights bright, said Dr. Aussie Raman, a scientist from California Los Angeles and his Peer-to-peer state-of-the-art device generates electricity using thermo-electric effect, this tee The thermo-electric effect is generated by the lightning, which is capable of generating electricity from the heat or heat emitted from the ground at night, Dr. Ausoth Raman and his fellow scientists have called this technology called radiative sky cooling. 

Given, initially, a black disk was placed on the polystyrene box, which was turned toward the sky and tested successfully by placing a barrier or block made of aluminum, with Dr. Ausoth Raman saying that the black disk absorbs ground heat and The aluminum block heats the cool air at night, making this difference the thermo electric difference and This produces a large amount of electricity; in the initial experience, one millimeter to 25 MW of electricity is sufficient to illuminate an LED while in hot areas where the temperature is higher, the power output can increase up to 20 times. Such an LED bulb or mobile phone can be easily charged, surprisingly the whole system costs only $ 30 and can prove to be a great pleasure for poor countries without electricity. Small and weak, the mosquitoes are already disturbed by humans, even today thousands of people will swarm mosquitoes. 

Deadly viruses caused by bites are treated in hospitals, the government's cannabis control program, seemingly unsuccessful in protecting humans from numerous invasions, lotions, creams, mats and other anti-invasions, these tiny creatures in millions of lives worldwide each year. Reasons, the British media report says, during research on mosquitoes, it has been revealed that mosquitoes bark with their wings and that voice plays an important role in their reproductive process. You can identify with the wings of the British wings According to Dia's report, scientists believe they can cure mosquito bites by disrupting the sound, scientists are investigating mosquito bites to reduce their population and humanize them. 

Is engaged in finding ways to keep out of the population, research has shown that female mosquito wings lose weight, so their fertility is mild while thousands of snails have the ability to find their own substance. Scientists believe that they can understand the language of the mosquitoes or the way they are heard and that their voice is disturbed. 

Ray's Procurement Can Be Made, July 2018 New breakthrough in Pakistan's automotive industry when a Chinese company welcomes motorcycle riders by introducing a charming and unique type of battery-powered motorcycle and scooty with advanced technology, according to the company. Traveling up to 55km from a charged battery can be easily determined while the cost of the main bike of this bike is unbeatable. Initially, the price of a motorcycle-driven motorcycle is Rs.100,000, which is on display at the Karachi Expo Center. Introduced to, Readers Dear Overbeard Few small scientists have done that. 

Let's talk about a great and unique scientist. According to reports in the August 2019 issue of Pakistani media, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry visited the Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy. Riding a motorcycle and rickshaw, on this occasion he saw himself riding an electronic motorcycle and rickshaw, saying that Pakistan is the largest country in the world of motorcyclists, electric motorcycle and rickshaw transport of the country. 

They are the future of the motorcycle We will convert the rickshaws into electronic technology; electronic bikes will run from electricity-charged batteries instead of oils. Fawad Chaudhry said that changing the technology will also reduce the harmful fumes in the environment. Has announced to bring battery-powered rickshaws and motorcycles in the country, while a report by the Overbayan said that the Chinese company will begin the work in July 2018, according to the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, battery-powered rickshaws and motorcycles. Pakistani people have lost their sense of happiness after having invented such a modern and bicycle-like cycle Ythy conscious when ayatuapny able uzyrsayns and technology as they associated many hopes
With a battery-powered motorcycle, Rickshaw will introduce a world of warmth and energy to the ever-changing cholera and crabs beneath which eggshells, tea, poultry eggs and coagulated eggs are observed. 

The most recent discovery because before that we knew that underground water from many areas of Pakistan is a better drinking water than any other mineral water in the world, where there is no source of ground water or there is no drinking water. The real problem is how to make this phase easier, less expensive and better, the invention of the Honorable Federal Minister may be of great importance to the residents of the areas where drinking water is not available while we still drink from the ground water. We have also done Tests, which are very natural Water does not contain sewage sludge, there are insects in the supply line, Fouad Chaudhry apologized very much, kept himself self-sufficient for many days, and did not rush to praise Fawad Chaudhry's performance. Forced to hand, now as the first hiccup of the last hiccup of life seems to be the first test of Yamut's skulls, it is time for the Federal Minister to bravely brake the motorcycle while riding a motorcycle.

 The ambition is that the expectations of qualified Pakistanis are very different, as Mr. Wazir explores ways to dispose of non-polluting plastic bags and other non-viable plastics; Today, Dear Minister, together with first wife and third wife and fourth wife, can win the hearts of the majority of men not only Pakistani but all over the world by inventing the greatest science in a peaceful environment. If you could make a monthly budget of fifteen thousand and twenty thousand, you could have made the house budget, it would be called the greatest discovery in the world.