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India suffers from 'Pakistan phobia'

 India suffers from 'Pakistan phobia'
Most of the politicians, including the defense minister of India, have always been the axis of sarcasm and misery. The Modi government commission is trying to get angry at Pakistan's anger over the polluted sole Rafale aircraft. Why do Indian Indians want to forget that if the weapons were sufficient, the Mughal and Afghan rulers would not rule India for several hundred years. The United States would not have dreamed of conquering Afghanistan in a single superpower. 

The end of the Soviet Union was near. The rest of the matter was to become Pakistan, so our Akbaris were well aware that Hindus would continue to plot conspiracy to avenge the government of extremist Mughals and Afghan rulers with Muslims. Today, the whole world is seeing that Muslims in India are crossing all boundaries of religious extremism by making them third citizens.

Pakistan was not a political idea of ​​any one person or party, but an irreducible ground truth which proved to be timely. Why does the Indian Defense Minister not understand the situation in occupied Kashmir, which was formerly pro-India yesterday, today he is regretting his mistake and is ashamed of the Kashmiri nation. Unfortunately, Pakistan was not ruled by India, but by some politicians, the insane rulers of the time and the unfortunate rulers of that time. If the then Arab powers had inaugurated the Indian conspiracies, no power in the world could have separated East Pakistan. 

Even today, India is spreading its unclean conspiracies in Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is understood that today Pakistan will be victimized by God like factions of 71, so it is a mistake of Hindu extremists, because today's young generation. People know very well what India's ulterior motives are. As the pro-Indian leaders of occupied Kashmir realize their mistake, they will one day come to believe that Bangladeshis will also admit their historical error. But why does India forget that the name change does not happen? , Bangladesh has certainly changed its name but it is still a Muslim-majority country and its basis is a two-national ideology and Bangladesh never wants to be part of the Hindu extremist group India. In one house there are many brothers who have different names, but when one brother suffers, the other brother suffers. The time to come will prove that Pakistan will see its fragmented Pakistani soil scattering in the craze for Pakistan, or in the next few years, India will be so fragmented that they will not even remember who is in danger. Who was in trouble and who

In fact, India's politicians and media have a 'Pakistan phobia'. Indian media, too, has been buzzing day and night with viewers like Bollywood's Flop Stores to boost its TRP. In a video that went viral on social media in the past, the Indian media and Modi govt hand-in-hand, in which a few children smiled in response to India's dastardly scandal, had begun to discuss debates on the talk show. Accusations against Pakistani state institutions have begun. In Balakot, 50,000 alleged terrorist and training camps also sprouted like grass. Unable to understand that only a few children had come to Delhi, the kebab-eating and the naughty pinch of the terrorist extremist RSS had not dropped an atom bomb that Modi government and the Indian media senses were overthrown. 

Well this is his fear of Pakistan phobia. Pakistan has always shown tolerance and tolerance. Never used to be aggressive or provocative. Wanted good relations with neighboring countries. He did not try to seduce the public for political purposes in politics. Pakistani media, like the Indian media, has not attempted to inflame its audience with untold stories.

Freedom of struggle in occupied Kashmir has also been taken up by local youth. Keeping millions of Kashmiris in captivity for eleven weeks can not suppress freedom of movement. These are the flames that are causing the fire to slug and the whole of India is engulfed by the spark of this fire. No one can be suppressed by oppression. India understands that by combining unfounded propaganda and some unfriendly friends to become a godly threat to Pakistan's existence, they should give up the habit of day-dreaming. Every class is terrified and taken hostage. The end of India is looking terrible in the hands of poverty.

There is no need for Pakistan to destroy and disintegrate India; it is enough for the extremist Hindus, who have been trained on hatred and hatred, under the Modi government. Those who can kill Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi can kill Rajiv Gandhi, they can do anything with any leader in the future. The face of Modi is introducing India to the world, the world is becoming different. It will not be late for the world to decide that the greater population of human beings cannot satisfy their trade interests. 

Do they not know how many millions of Indians do not get enough food for one time, two meals is a big deal. Does the world not know that there is not even a roof cover to protect from the rain, sun and environmental pollution on the heads of millions of Indians? Doesn't the world know how many millions of Indians are living worse than animals in the sidewalks? Indian ministers need to remove the poverty of their people and eliminate class discrimination. Instead of collecting billions of rupees of war weapons and earning commissions on the welfare of the people instead of welfare of the people, give the poor people of India and the army a single loaf of bread, but pay it back. 

Big things don't fill the stomach, if Indian rulers understand this, it's better for everyone.