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Islamic and Scientific Views on Earthquakes

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Numerous incidents of accidents and natural disasters are present on the pages of history. In certain periods, disasters have wiped out a large part of the human population. The effects of an earthquake are far more dangerous than other natural disasters. Experts say that survivors of the earthquake have severe years of hunger and depression. 

According to one estimate, the earthquake so far has taken the lives of 8 million people and in addition financial losses are immense. In recent days, a magnitude earthquake has occurred in Mirpur Azad Kashmir and its adjoining areas. - Lots of lives and financial losses. May Allaah protect you from earthly and heavenly calamities. May all the martyrs be given the highest level of healing in Paradise and healing the wounded. One question that comes to mind is why these earthquakes occur? Earthquakes are strange in people, some say that the great beasts of supernatural power create earthquakes, a belief that the earth is placed on the horns of a cow. Yes, earthquakes occur when they change horns, (such a thing is also in the Hadith). 

Some people say that the earth is on the back of a big turtle, earthquakes occur when they move, These are all non-Islamic and non-scientific ideas. There are differences in the scientific view of earthquakes as well. One view is that earthquakes occur when hot air tries to come out of the earth. Some scientists claim that fireballs are burning in the interior of the earth, and that sheer heat causes the earth to spread like a balloon and cause earthquakes. But the most popular theory of Plate Tectonics is that when earth plates consist of layers of soil, rocks, and rocks, falling off the ground, and earthquakes are triggered by earthquake waves and these waves Everything on earth begins to hobble. 

The Islamic view of the earth is very clear that there are undoubtedly some apparent causes of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and other disasters that are being pointed out by experts in these sciences. It does not deny these apparent causes in this article. At the same time, we also have a fundamental belief that there is a controller and controller behind the natural laws and natural sources. Everything that happens in this universe is from Allah Almighty. The Qur'an mentions these disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, outbreaks, and floods as a manifestation of Allah's displeasure at these nations, calling these natural disasters God's punishment for these nations. Have given. Through these natural disasters we are informed that your Lord is angry with you, that you turn to goodness. 

Do good and quit evil. Science has said that if earth plates are shaken then there is earthquake, but did not say what should be done to solve it. But where Islam points to earthquakes on the one hand, it also provides a reasonable and satisfying solution on the other, and studying the history of the devastated nations in particular makes it clear that what Islam has to say is only visible. What cannot be done, from an Islamic point of view, these earthquakes teach us how you have made progress, made any inventions, built strong fortresses and bankers, invented airplanes and computers. And break all records of development. But you did it all with the ability of God. Remember the purpose of creation, do not be concerned with your masters, understand the difference between the world and the Hereafter, try to know and accept the secret of this world and the life of the Hereafter. In the same way, always keep in mind that there is a greater God than you, whose power and magnitude and magnitude cannot even be estimated. 

In the time of the Holy Prophet, the earthquake occurred in Madinah. He said: Your Lord wants you to ask forgiveness for your sins. Islam has also explained to the world the fact that this world is a few days old and it will come at a time when this world will end and in the biggest court of all is to give an account of their lives in front of the rulers. These earthquakes remind man of a resurrection that only a little land has been shaken, so it is, what will happen to you when the earthquake of the Hour comes? So, prematurely correct your actions with yourself. Bukhari Sharif narrates: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: The Hour will not come until knowledge is raised and earthquakes abound (Bukhari, Amount: 6301). Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqa says, "Wherever an earthquake occurs, it is better for those people to repent and turn away from bad deeds, otherwise it is a death for them". (Jawab al-Kafi Laban al-Qayem, p: 74) In this regard, our first duty is to seek repentance. 

Try to change these mercantile lives. Try to stop the evil in the society and spread the good. It is our great responsibility to help our troubled brothers, to take no effort to restore them that it is our religious and national duty and it has a great reward with Almighty Allah. As well as the casualties in this series