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Now the robot helps the heart surgeon

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In India, heart disease is undergoing a revolutionary phase. The revolution is such that the robot, which was just a fantasy two decades ago, has now become a reality. The realization of this crappy imagination goes to Dr. Naresh Trinh, Chairman and Managing Director of Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon.

This report, known as the Da Vinci, is mounted on an iron-shaped hand. Under robotic surgery, a 5 to 8 cm incision is made on the patient's right chest.

This is because a small five mm telescope is placed between the ribs. The camera on the robot captures this reflection and transmits the video to the screen. And this reflection is 3D (3-D). During this therapy, the robot acts as the surgeon instructs. In fact, computer memory cards that the surgeon inserts into the robot before the operation, the robot recognizes this sound. For example; 'walk right', 'walk left', 'move forward' as well as the robot follow this direction. "Dr Vinci Robotic Surgery Technique, which is a minimally invasive technique, provides a healthy cure for complex heart diseases," says Dr. Naresh Taryn.

Dr. Taryn added that the technique of treating all diseases related to heart hole and heart valve is treated with this technique. After this surgery, the heart of the heart patient will recover. And he can go home in two to three days. During surgery, there is anemia. The preparation of da Vinci robotic surgery is like any other minor bandage technique. The only difference is that instead of the surgeon's hands, the surgery is done by the robot. This decision is made through an MRI or CT scan where videography is done. Scanning reports have been integrated into Da Vinci technology. 
3-D images of the heart transported by robots also increase precision.