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Plant trees - Reduce global warming

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Two plants per human
Well, since the beginning of August, the love of the country is waking up in the hearts of all the people who are looking for such posts that this day a man planted a tree. Seeing the post that criticized that 10 people plant trees and make a tree even these ten people have to plant a tree. 

I think if there are trees growing in the homeland, if 10,10 people also plant a single tree then 22 million people will make millions. I will tell the journalist friend that anything good happens Instead of criticizing them instead of criticizing them, the ten people are planting trees, so these ten people with a sense of duty should also take full care of this tree so that they can become a charity for growing plants. 

There are many countries in the world. If steps are being taken to reduce the forest for the acquisition of timber only, then in the same year as the whole of August, 50 countries will become self-sufficient in forestry. According to the World stock Report, forests have been in place since 1990 I have been down 2.5%, which is a worry for us at the moment. It includes a large number of Philippines, Ukraine, China, Indonesia and Spain, and the decline in forestry is increasing rather than decreasing. Imran Khan promises that we will plant one billion plants. So far, the promise has to be fulfilled that Khan, after becoming the Prime Minister, made a strong effort to create a green Pakistan, which has greatly increased the number of trees.

 The young people of Tehsil Jatoi under the name of Jattojar named Tehsil under their help. The program has started Javed Seisal, from Yasin Sports, told AFP that our goal is not only to plant but also to take care of those plants and to plant Jatoi by planting them. , SDP Jatoi, Amorganization, Psychop, Malala Feeder School, Koda Khan School, as well as Landi Patafi, Bundi Korai, Mirzar, Saibiwala, Rampur, Jatoi City are planting on public place and we want to protect the plants.

 Look at this good work In response to a question, he said that Gillesman, Khalid Ali, Waqar Younis are helping me in this program. Lastly, he said that we are expecting to spend Rs. 500,000 lakhs. People will also spend Rs. 5 lakhs in the field of education, which will enable Jatoi to flourish. To say that if forests in the world are ending, then poverty is the reason why people used to cut down their appetite to survive, which is why forests are rapidly eroding. Electronic media to eliminate forests are on the Internet at Comforting in Kanchenjunga. Remember that 3.1 million plants are planted annually Forest carbon dioxide is being removed aksayydbry number juggle widens the causes of warming should .We sincerely appreciate your efforts with your country.