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RAW terrorism in Pakistan

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Arthur Shastra is a book written almost three hundred years ago in Christ by the Mauryan family minister Kotliya alias Chanakya. This book of espionage is the complete mirror of the Hindu psyche in which it is wrong for the king to extend his government. The act was justified and suggested ways to destroy neighboring countries and capitals and to raise them for peace and security problems and to benefit them for their government and country. Hindu mentality has always been vicious, manipulative and destructive. The passing of the centuries did not affect him. 

In 1968, he revived Arthur Shastri with the Chaitanya to practice these principles and rules and was given the name of RAW by the Hindu mind.The main purpose of RAW was to ensure that neighboring countries were not allowed to live in peace and tranquility, their peace and security continued to be overthrown. ۔ Rao takes this task from many of Chaitanya's disciples, also sends her spies and sells it to good dealers in neighboring countries. Due to its unaccounted budget, this task is not difficult for him. RAW's main purpose was to target Pakistan, but it also sustained losses to its other neighbors in accordance with its religion and history teachings, a great example of which is Sri Lanka, where Tamil Tigers have unprovoked weapons and money Was given and trained and continued this malicious act for almost thirty years. 

At first, corruption was triggered by suicide attacks, but after the death of Karnataka, who was sown in Tamil Nadu, the same desire for independence has become the desire of Indian Tamils ​​in Tamil Nadu. What has been done in Sri Lanka, India has not forgiven Pakistan since its inception and RAW has performed its "duty" with great care. The humanity he committed through separatists and the Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan is part of history, but after becoming Bangladesh, he did not allow Bangladesh to remain at peace and the liberation movements in Assam and Bengal. I declare it involved and continue my subversive activities.

The recent wave of terrorism that Pakistan is passing through and through can not be ruled out in any way. The fact that he is continuing his malicious game is seeing people in Swat have been wondering how RAW has made his life impractical for years. The finding of non-Muslim bodies in the name of the Taliban in Swat was proof that these people are neither local nor belong to any other Muslim country. 

Indian-made weapons remained in common use for these people. RAW has kept its treasures open, and according to a report, RAW has spent about 650 million rupees on Swat's terrorists, otherwise enough resources, money and other sources could make it possible in local sources. If it is said that this is done by a few, can the poor people collect enough money to buy modern weapons? The latest information technology can also be bought and used while everyone knows that the leaders of these movements were neither highly educated nor highly trained then how they handled these technical matters.

Raw intervention in Balochistan has now become a proven fact that cannot be denied in any way. The so-called BLA leaders, including Brahmadagh, became leaders with RAW. In the same way that the Taliban were appointed as major leaders while they were completely illiterate and unaware of religion. 
Baitullah Mehsud was another lad of Rao who was portrayed as charismatic and charismatic. If Baluchistan's point is to go further, as I have written before, RAW is making the CIA's most failed secret agency right now so that it can fulfill its desire for instability in Pakistan and The CIA also received its share of Baluchistan's mineral wealth. I told the CIA that it had failed so far that no significant achievement had come in its part. From Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan, it has had to face failure in every field, its reports are not accurate or accurate.

RAW itself is against Pakistan, and now it has started to train the Afghan intelligence agency Ram Riaz Amanat Millia so that he can more efficiently perform destructive operations in Pakistan. In Afghanistan, Ram, the CIA and RAW jointly fund their drugs, which is proof that these three agencies know how great Ahmad Wali Karzai is a drug smuggler, but he is being given the benefit of being the brother of Hamid Karzai. It is their professionalism and integrity.

If we analyze what RAW's intentions are against Pakistan, then we know that its first purpose is to create instability in Pakistan so that Pakistan is at the forefront of development. The second goal that RAW will never be able to fulfill is Allah's purpose in Pakistan, and it is for this purpose that he decided to assist the CIA in Balochistan, with the view of these precious mineral resources and energy there. On hidden sources that he can use for years to years. Another major objective of RAW's operations is to seize Pakistan's nuclear assets in some way, which is one of the biggest obstacles to India's becoming a superpower in the region. He believed that he would now digest Pakistan or other surrounding countries or make it one of the defunct countries. But when Pakistan blasts in response, its dream has been shattered and not only has Pakistan been protected from Hindu fanaticism, but other countries have survived its fall.

Nowadays, India and RAW are doing another job with great vigor and it is our propaganda campaign against our military institutions and ISI, that is to prove ISI's hand in every unfortunate incident in the world and thus terrorize Pakistan. Prove around and discredit the army inside and outside the country. RAW not only creates instability in different areas but also engages in various other events. In his own country, sometimes in another country like Mumbai, Rao was the one who made the drama and in the same style he made a drama in the event of an attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore. Manawan police was involved in the training center, Marriott, PC Peshawar and other such incidents. A terrorist arrested from Dera Bugti admitted that he had Indian support.

Secret agencies have no problem when it comes to protecting their country's interests, but when they interfere in the affairs of other countries, they certainly become terrorists and rightly deserving of being called subversive agencies. RAW is a destructive agency that works in accordance with the wishes and ideas of its leaders. Jawaharlal Nehru was a huge admirer of Kotliya Chankia and his successors laid the foundation of these cruel principles of RAW and made it a great life for others. But the requirement is that if each one of us is aware of his or her goals and achievements, their chances of success will automatically be eliminated.