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Teleportation and Time Traveling Interesting Facts The last part

Teleportation and Time Traveling Interesting Facts The last part

String theory is not a single theory. Five teams started work on five theories from different countries. Then in a conference in 1997 when these theories were mixed, everyone came to the same conclusion with different colors. A common string theory is also known as M theory. These include Quantum, String Theory, Brian Theory, Mini Worlds, Multiverse and Super Gravity Theory.

The Eleventh Dimension was introduced in Super Gravity, which was accepted by String Theory with great ease. Now what is this Eleventh Dimension is the definition of this interesting C Dimension. It is said that it is so finely and so close to each of us that we cannot perceive it. According to scientists, the hair is equally thin and sharp like a sharp one. Its diameter is also a trillionth of a millimeter. Crossing it will reveal a new universe.

But the problem is, how can one cross the dimension that is so finely incomprehensible?

It took so many years to discover. Ask a Muslim's child the definition of a bridge straight. This definition will be your eleventh dimension. You say if you cross this dimension, there is another universe. There is another universe, heaven.

We have to cross it, of course, but we believe that at one appointed time, we will be faced with this dimension. On the day Allah will order that you cross it now, whether it is far away or very near to us. Will be..

Some people say that mathematical equations proved to be of the only mathematical significance.
So they should remember that mathematics is always at the forefront of every theory, such as the theory that Einstein started working after Einstein, not only did Quantum introduce new theories but also black holes, dark matter, dark energy and gravitational waves. Mathematical equations like these, which were later proved to be mathematics in physics in a very short period of time, it is no surprise that these equations can one day be proved in physics as many theories are being worked out simultaneously in LHC.

However, this universe is no less than a lust for humanity. Our claims are certainly bigger than ours. The universe of which we do not know, 94 or 96 per cent, is surprised by only five to six percent. My God knows what secrets I am buried in and to what extent we will know.

And we will never be able to go beyond a certain limit. Those who disagree with science do not think that science saver is doing anything at all. It is simply observable that knowledge of how the system works.

How are the sun and moon moving?
How do sea waves form?
What does the Ozone layer do?
How do plants make oxygen?
How are the laws going on in the universe?
Science will never tell why all this happened?

Will tell you the procedure of the bus. Won't tell why this is working - why?
Why does it answer religion? Why do we have the answer? It tells us how it is going, we tell you why.

Science says that the big mountains are formed in the earth like nails.

Science says sea water is saline to a certain extent. Salt is a solution to this ratio, which is very important for aquatic organisms, but also protects it from spoilage. It is constantly in motion. So that it does not produce any odor or odor - hot and cold water sea cows rotate in it - but if asked why ?? So why not answer it?

How science began to answer the Big Bang Hua - Ask why the Big Bang, then science is silent - Science believes that there is a super intelligence power that is controlling everyone - Ask who is this Power. So science will have no answer - because science will only explain the mechanism, but why this process is going to be explained to religion only - so I believe that human beings will know only as much as my Lord. But one is certain science has yet to make much progress ... May Allah be with us..