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The amazing cure for obesity

Just as cancer is a dangerous and deadly disease of the modern age. Likewise, obesity is an indispensable cure for this period, and if not cured, then ulcerative colitis is necessary. In this regard, the slimming centers of Europe, which are now practiced in all the cities of Pakistan, are used in addition to exercise, as well as the use of food medicine, which makes man less obese but obese. But as long as it uses this method, it stays healthy and when it leaves, the disease again prevails.

In observational life, a patient has had the opportunity to see not one but a thousand people who were very fat and obese. They used exercise and some food medicine as a treatment and they were surprised and even those who saw that when they used that medicine showed a great benefit but returned to the same condition after some time. Below is a low-cost and easy-to-obtain and top-notch version. Hope you appreciate it.

Lakh Umda 50 grams  (لاکھ عمدہ)
Black cumin 50 grams  (زیرہ سیاہ)      
Fennel flower 50 grams  (کلونجی)

Coat all medicines and prepare a safflower and fill large sized capsules two to one capsules at a time with water twice a day before eating. Insha'Allah will certainly have the benefit of being a very fat woman who has now been unable to walk. When used the same prescription since every treatment was tight and therefore, when used continuously and when weighed after using it, the weight of seventeen pounds decreased over a period of only one and a half months. ۔ ۔ ۔ Also, do not use "three things". (The Wonders of Clowney)

That is, rice, sugar and grease are the things that give humans fat and unnecessary obesity.