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Unique fruit about which you do not know


There are many fruits mentioned in the world. Which in various respects gives strength and comfort to humans, and sweet fruit such as patience will be familiar to everyone. But today I am going to tell you about a fruit that a human being can never die by eating and living to the world. Can stay Here is an example.

A wise man described for the sake of wisdom, a strange "tree" found in the world. The person who eats the "fruit" of this tree once and for all will never be young and death will never die on it. A king then heard "What if I found the fruit of this tree?" And mentioned to the ministers. Everyone said yes, "If the shelter eats the fruit of this tree, then the attitude will always be settled and happy under you."

So the king sent a wise adviser in search of this tree and fruit. For four months he wandered in the jungle, the wilderness, the desert, but the destination did not come. Anyone who asks for the address of such a tree and fruit laughs, "Mian! Are you asleep? Is there even a tree and a fruit?" Someone gave good advice, "Mian! Why the bad soil? Have you ever lived in a cold place? Come back from the cold, come back here!

The man hears similar things and laughs. But the tune was ripe, the intention was not to let the erosion go and the dust of the desert was gone. When one year passed, the pastures of this area were reared in silence and no trace of survival was found. Then, desperate to return to his homeland There was no end to the grief that went with such hard work and pain. Unfortunately, tears were pouring in and he was wondering what would show the king that, once it was discovered, that there was a man living in the area, known as Waliullah and Pole. If I am present in the service of this Shaykh, I will explain the difficulty.

So he came to the Sheikh's service at the sight of the sun, and could not control himself, seeing his light. The foothold of the confession went out of his hand and wept at his feet, crying so much that tears flowed down the feet of the sheikh.

The Shaykh lifted his arms and embraced him with compassion and asked, "What is the matter? What is the reason for such a disturbed Siri and anxiety? Please explain."

He said, "Hazrat! What should I say, the work for which came out of the homeland a year ago, did not work. Now I think, what will I go back to answer to the king? No, you pray for the Almighty to have mercy on me. He came here in search of the tree to sustain the king's decree, saying that if anyone eats the fruit of this tree, there is eternal life. I searched the country secretly in his quest, but nothing came to fruition and disappointment, please help me ease up… !! "

Sheikh laughed when he heard this. Then he said, "Subhan Allah! Brother, you too have set a simple iron boundary. Oh so much time wasted. You used to come to me and find out now. And the fruit that comes from it is “knowledge.” You and your king were deceived by the outward fruit and the tree because of ignorance, while the tree and the fruit are intimate.

Apart from the fact that there are numerous instances in the world, the importance of knowledge can hardly be overlooked. Although a person may be out of this world, his words, written books and lectures will keep him alive forever. And even after death, people will respond to his burning candle. Knowledge is a light. To achieve the light, man has to stop for the night.