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The voices of ISI and the Western Countries


When the enemy wants to conquer a nation and country, it attacks its heart and it is the enemies of Pakistan whenever they see their defeat. They target the armed forces and ISI and on different sides. Are invading the planet. This time, too, he is fiercely attacked as a report of an academic institution. It is not as if Waldman Matt, a Fellow of the Howard University of the London School of Economics, has any strategic or defensive importance, but he does get the full backing of the enemy.

 And all Pakistanis are convinced that this report is a source of concern for the Western countries. The report states that ISI is providing arms and financial support to the Taliban as well. Unidentified Taliban leaders have been trying to prove the report alive by pretending to be alive. Who were the Taliban leaders? How did the author's reach reach these people in the most hostile areas of Afghanistan? ۔ President Pakistan's meeting with the Taliban has also been described as unfounded. Also mentioned in the report is ISI's participation in Taliban Supreme Council meetings. The contents of the report have been known to everyone so far, but its motivations are certainly worth considering, and yes it is quite understandable that if the Taliban is really getting help from Pakistan, then the need for this support is gone. 

The Taliban know that they have to fight for their survival right now, and if Pakistan is really helping, should they continue to help them? Will or will be in a position to do so, in order to reach the Central Asian energy reserves, to allow Western intelligence agencies to justify their stay in the area. Even if the people of the West feel distant, the chances are far greater than helping ISI's Taliban. It is also a fact that such accusations have now become the norm in the West, before Admiral Mike Milne has alleged that Pakistan is playing a double game. General David Petraeus has also accused ISI of supporting the Taliban. However, the report came at a time when the United States is in the worst of circumstances in Afghanistan, when thirty coalition troops were killed in Afghanistan in just a few weeks. 

The United States is currently spending seventy billion dollars a year in Afghanistan, bringing in more than a thousand American bodies, while the number of its allies is close to a thousand. Blaming others in such a way is an easy escape, and it seems that the United States and its Western allies have become psychologically ill. Fearful of Pakistan, the ISI and the Pak Army, the secret agencies with budget and resources that are many times bigger than ISI, blame the institution for all their woes and failures. There are very few and too many problems that have to be confronted with CIA, MI5-, RAW, Ram and Mossad but also KGB, if after these encounters they also have dust in their eyes. If given, these countries should respectfully give up. 

But the thing is that ISI will never even think of killing its people for any purpose and has sacrificed many of its personnel in this so-called terrorist war, even to its offices. Its buses were targeted and the Taliban continued to take responsibility for the attacks. Even after all this, the reason for publishing such reports is something else that they themselves understand. In fact, at the time of the invasion of Afghanistan, the United States and its allies were not convinced that they had encountered such great resistance and despotism in Afghanistan, which they left behind after the Soviet Union was overthrown. 

Now, when they face failure, Pakistan is blamed for the unprovoked NATO tankers that the US had taken responsibility for. It is clear that the Taliban was destroyed by the Pak army. And did the GHQ, the parade lane mosque and the attacks on Pakistani army convoy come in the same way the Pakistani-backed Taliban did? S and Pakistan is providing assistance to some of the best of them. And did President Pakistan go to the fifty detainees to proclaim freedom to the Taliban, whom they consistently blame for the killing of their spouses, and do not feel any remorse for them? The fact is that what has been said before is that these people are now boiling and the Khasani cat is poking. These Western powers have even said that Pakistan's nuclear assets are in danger of being supporters of the Taliban in its army. 

While the Pakistanis and the Pakistan Army are convinced that this nuclear power is the guarantor of their survival after their faith, they will protect it from every mischief in the West and the East and will not give up. In fact, the Western world is afraid of Islam and especially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They do not think that the religion of this country is Islam. They don't even think that being a Muslim is a form of prayer, so the use of hats will also be common.