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Who are the billionaire Jews who met Imran Khan?

During the Prime Minister's visit to New York, he met with several prominent international figures. One of those names is the billionaire Jew who is considered an unwanted person in many countries around the world, including his country, despite donating $ 32 billion to welfare work worldwide.

According to reports, George Soros discussed Imran Khan's cooperation in the field of education in Pakistan, as well as his educational projects in Afghanistan.

According to official Radio Pakistan, a delegation of Open Society Foundations has also offered to assist Pakistan in tax reform. After this meeting it was also revealed that a delegation of Open Foundations would visit Pakistan very soon.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros was born in Hungary in Eastern Europe before World War II. They are among the Jews who managed to escape the Holocaust and the Communist regime.

She has been head of Open Society Foundations, a welfare organization in 120 countries around the world for 40 years.

George Soros is a controversial figure from the United States to Australia and from Hungary to Honduras and is accused of being part of a larger global conspiracy.

The right-wing forces in the United States and the West are opposed to George Soros.

How is Trump supporters related to George Soros?
Last Monday afternoon, a parcel was received in the litter box of George Soros' spacious palace home in New York's red-green area.

This parcel looks a bit dubious. The parcel sender's address was entered incorrectly. Police were notified and federal investigative personnel arrived there shortly.

Inside the parcel was a picture of George Soros with a red light fork. It was accompanied by a six-inch piece of pipe, with a black cord, a few wires, and a clock.

More than a dozen such parcels were received by several other leading Democratic Party leaders, including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

None of these parcels exploded. An FBI investigation revealed that they were sent from a wagon parked in Florida that had slogans in favor of Trump and against the Democratic Party.

Immediately right-wing media organizations called it a "fall flag" action. He believed it was used to undermine Donald Trump and the Republican presidential election campaign.

Anchor Lou Dobbs of Fox News, a US broadcaster, tweeted: 'False news, false bombs. Who can benefit from all this lying? '

Rush Limbaugh, a host on conservative think-radio radio, said Republicans don't do such things.

Soon the Internet was flooded with reports alleging that no one else was behind the fake bombs, George Soros himself.

President Trump also condemned it as a sarcastic move.

Cesar Civic, a 56-year-old man from Florida, was arrested later.

People with a conspiratorial mind claimed that he was not actually a Republican.

But a woman who worked with her in the past, Luig Mara, said posters and stickers were in favor of Trump over the van in which Cesar Civic worked pizza delivery. He claimed that among those who took the pizza, whose house the flag of the Democratic Party had flagged, Cesar Civic would argue with it and force him to vote in favor of the Republican Party.

He said that Cesar Civic had a conspiracy behind everything, that is, George Soros behind everything and he had bought the entire Democratic Party, while George Soros was responsible for everything that was going wrong in America. Are.

Civic's social media account has learned that the day the parcel bomb was fired from George Soros 'house, Civic placed a meme on his social media that said the world was aware of George Soros' plight. Is.

Civic later pleaded guilty to 65 charges, including intentional murder, and was later sentenced to 20 years in prison.

'Poor to Bank of England'
George Soros has a reputation in the UK as a man who bankrupted the Bank of England in 1992.

Soros, along with other currency speculators, took the pound and sold it to the market, which led to a sharp decline in the value of the pound and Britain had to exit the porpoise exchange system. In this case, Soros made $ 1 billion.

The man made an estimated $ 44 billion in total cash flow.

In August 2017, after the assumption of President Trump's power, neo-Nazis staged a torchbearer procession in the Virginia area. During the procession, a group of protesters clashed with a white militant in which a 32-year-old woman was killed.

Right-wing observers began to claim that it was also a conspiracy by George Soros to discredit President Trump's government.

He said the main plot of the whole plot was Brennan Gilmour, who made the whole video of the mob driving.

A right-wing radio claims that Soros gave Gilmore $ 300,000.

Is President Trump Opposing George Soros?
That's right, George Soros gave $ 5 million to Democratic Party candidate Tom Pirlo, for whom Gilmore was also working.

But there was no evidence that Soros or his Open Society Foundation gave any money to Gilmore. Gilmore has now filed a defamation claim against the radio.


Thousands of immigrants began migrating to the United States from South American country Honduras last fall. The migration began a month before the half-term elections in the United States.

This migration also became a conspiracy of Soros. Fox News claims that Soros favors free borders and unrestricted migration.

Jack Kingston, a former Republican Party member, said that this was a systematic migration and that money was behind it and that Soros could be behind such a conspiracy.

President Trump released a video on his Twitter account that showed people were distributing money in Honduras, trying to prove that the money was provided by George Soros.

When Donald Trump was asked in front of the White House whether you think this money was actually given by George Soros, he said it would not be surprising to me, as many people say.

Later it was also confirmed that the video was fake and not from Honduras.

Attack of Jews by White Extremists
On October 27, 2018, 11 days after the conspiracy story of immigrant money was revealed and five days after a pipe bomb was sent, a white gunman entered a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh. 11 people were killed.

It was one of the worst incidents of Jewish violence in American history, and it was done by a man who hated Soros.

Messages on social media revealed that Robert Boyers, who attacked the synagogue, believed in the conspiracy theory that conspiracies were being hatched to eliminate white people, whose mastermind was George Soros.

According to this theory, immigrants are being brought in to eliminate the majority of white people. That is why neo-Nazis shout in slogans that Jews cannot replace us.

Network Research Institute Director Jewel Finkel Stein found a message on social media that Boers said of George Soros that he was funding the massacre of Jewish whites, and that the media Control.

The post further stated that George Soros is also pushing for weapons prevention and free borders in the United States.

Finkel Stein, who was funded by the Open Society Foundation, concluded that research by white supremacists like Boers sees Soros behind all the conspiracies.

According to him, he presents Soros as an evil to justify all his violent acts.

Why George Soros is notorious in other countries?
The curse of George Soros is not limited to the United States alone, but extends to Armenia, Australia, Honduras, the Philippines and Russia.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo ۔an called Soros a central figure in a Jewish conspiracy designed to divide and destabilize Turkey and several other countries.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Selwini accuses Soros of wanting to fill Italy with immigrants because he loves slaves.

Brigadier Party leader Nigel Farage in Britain claims that Soros wants to bring a flood of immigrants to Europe, which is a huge threat to the entire Western world.

But in a country where Soros was born, he is most opposed.

Many countries, from South East Asia to South America, have been accusing George Soros of destroying the economies of those countries through currency manipulation.

George Soros' Open Society Foundation has denied the allegations and says he has used millions of dollars for the purposes of democracy, education and human rights.