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Challenges make humans stronger

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Add "shark" to your life!

According to L, Run Hobart, "The key to human development are the challenges facing the environment."

 In everyday life, man faces various challenges. These challenges have to do with human beings or re-emergence. Challenges make humans stronger, without them life is meaningless and they are a way for humanity to move forward and develop. Each person deals with them differently. Some accept it, who face it generously, while some become frightened and compromise with circumstances as they live their lives.

The Japanese nation is an example of its own in the face of challenges. It is not an example of the way the nation emerged as a developed country in the short period after the devastation of the nuclear attacks. One of the challenges. Japanese people eat fish very fondly and it is an important part of their diet, but Japan does not have a high number of fish in the sea, which allows fishermen to go far in the deep sea to catch fish. It used to take a long time to come back, so they kept their fish in the freezer to keep the fish fresh, while the Japanese people just love fresh fish, because they don't like the taste of frozen fish. The prices of frozen fish in the market seemed to be low and they were sold at cheap prices.

 This was a worrying concern for the fish business companies, they figured out that the big water tankers were removed in the boats. Now the fish that were caught would put them in the tanks, where they managed the water. It was supposed that in order to keep the fish alive, but there was also a problem that despite the water in the tanks, the fish did not move from place to place, which did not keep them fresh in the sea and the taste of their meat changed. Once again the fish business started to suffer and suffered major crises.

 But these companies did not give up, they took this issue as a challenge, they sat down and after a lot of guvakar they came up with another interesting solution. Now this time they are small in fish tanks. The sharks, which are usually eaten by fish, began to worry about the fish coming to the sharks and began to move in the water tanks to save their lives. The fear of sharks kept them awake and Like water, keep moving here, which has the advantage that their meat tastes as fresh as sea fish and when brought to market. When they went, they started selling at a great price. Thanks to this wonderful recipe, the fish business in Japan is playing an important role in the domestic economy today.

 Humans need to be courageous in order to move forward. Examining the life of any successful person shows that instead of fearing the challenges in life, he fought with great zeal and succeeded. As long as things are easy, man cannot progress, Human development begins when it has to conform to the challenges.

 Today, there are many challenges in every person's life that cause them problems. It is imperative that the person first accepts the challenges that come to life, faithfully overcomes them. , Trying to find every possible solution to the problems associated with it and even getting the help of other experts, he knows his capabilities and makes it easier to deal with all kinds of challenges. The beginning of the challenge does not recognize the person, but rather recognizes the success of the challenge.

 Add a shark to your life, take it as a challenge and plan it best and then see how you progress in life!