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Education and Literature in a New Generation

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Allah Almighty has bestowed man with greatness and superiority on the basis of knowledge and understanding among other creatures. The main purpose of human life is to equip you with knowledge and literature. Human struggle for the pursuit of knowledge and understanding is called education and education is derived from literature and thus human beings have been surpassed by the extraordinary virtues. When a student spends his student days in accordance with the terms and etiquette, he gains a prominent place in society because of his compassion, knowledge, manners and wisdom, and discipline. When students spend their student days in accordance with the principles and etiquette, they are given the important place called good morality. The society is supported by this title.

 Children are the nation's trustees. In order to determine the future of society and family in this country, it is enough to see that in his home, in his school, in his In Rome, with teachers and friends. Similarly, the focus of the new generation on supervised education and training can be gauged from the fact that if there is a growing need for relief and irresponsibility, then it must be understood that the nation's trust and the future of the country are being played. In other words, it can be said that today's child who becomes a father tomorrow or today's child will play the role of mother tomorrow is the result of a lack of education and hardship. Even the moral of society can have dire consequences, parents should also be taught to treat their children with love and compassion. 

Help in every way and help them cultivate tolerance and compassion and keep them in the future on a priority basis, as well as preparing parents for their exams and teaching and teaching textbooks. Take a personal interest in the child while acting so that fear and stress can also be overcome, which may play an important role in his or her future. Because the current generation of students are spending their time and mobile in inappropriate activities, playing with more literature and dedication than their future. An example exists in my mind. 

Don't waste time thinking deeply about it again. That is a 100 percent correct phrase that fits the young man of today and the youth of today who spend this time. Likewise, the respect of anyone who learns anything is essential, if the learner, the instructor. If he doesn't respect it then he is called less literate and abusive. All other things aside, man has to think that I mean not man's creation. Man's journey from humanity to humanity is the name of the artist who created man. Value.

Lastly, I would like to say that my youth focuses on education as well as he prefers sports, friends, and mobiles. It is better to honor his teacher for the time being. Pay attention because in the best nations the idea of ​​literature and education is the top priority at the top.