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Impact of technology on Human


The Global Village is a name that hardly anyone in today's world knows about. In today's world, modern technology has transformed our society into a global village by taking the whole world in its fold. Solved the problems of our past. At the same time, today's technology has separated the humanity of man, the love of each other, the human, the nobility, the honesty and the bloody relationship.
In today's era, people look different while still together. It is the effect of all the technology that has taken the form of a machine that eliminates humanity and has been used in the past for the hard work of human beings. This advanced technology has made us human beings in the world of this global village without any sense or emotion. The fact that machine robots today are the best in humanitarian workplaces in successful factories.

The machine has made human life easier in different ways, the news of the bridge arrives. Mobiles and the net have also brought humans closer to one another. Where distances were reduced, many evils also arose. Disillusionment among youth increased. Misuse of the Internet world has destroyed civilization and culture, and now it is hollowing out our civilization as well.

While technology has easily transformed the numerous problems in our lives, the world of Global Wealth has informed mankind of many problems. Many dangerous issues have also arisen in this Global Village world. The problems that were previously unavoidable are now practically happening in the world of this global village. Before stepping into this world of technology, brotherhood was common among people, but nowadays, even in a society, it is not known who has a nest in our home.

In today's Global Village world, humanity has made its place in humanity. Love has dominated, but today there is no turning back from the fact that the Internet world has warmed the market for pornography. The world of this global wedge has become addictive in young people, along with prostitution. Where today's social networking has made it easier for human lives, it has created numerous dangerous problems.