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Top Ad Platform‎:AdsTerra Ad Network Review 2019

AdsTerra Ad Network Review 2019
AdsTerra is a relatively newer ad network that was founded in the year 2013. In just a short amount of time, it has become a large and active ad network with publishers and advertisers from around the world. It has earned a good reputation, by offering safe advertisements for publishers, and access to quality sites for advertisers.
They have a wide variety of ad formats like Pop-under, Push up Ads, Banner Ads, and more (complete list included in this article). They are also offer mobile ads and have a lot of different formats and methods of displaying ads on all mobile devices. In addition, AdsTerra has some of the highest CPM rates around for publishers, and with a 100% fill rate, you can be sure that the ads will appear 100% of the time. Publishers looking to monetize their sites will be happy to know that AdsTerra has a timely and reliable payment schedule.
This guide will break down the numbers and main features of this ad network to give you clear picture how AdsTerra operates so you can see if it’s right for you.

For Desktop
adsterra ad formats desctop
Display Banners (leader board, rectangle, skyscraper)
·Direct Links
·Video Banners
For Mobile
adsterra ad formats mobile
·Display Banners (leader board, rectangle and skyscraper)
·Sticky Footer
·Direct Links
·Push-up Ads
·Video Banners

CPM (Cost per Mile)
Traffic Types
Desktop, mobile and tablets
Targeting Options
Geographic, Purchase-based, Re-targeting, Site-Specific
Payment Rules

The available payment options are Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, Webmoney, and WireTransfer. The payment fees and rules are as follows:
PayPal — Adsterra does not charge any fees to use PayPal, however PayPal itself may charge 3-5%  of the transaction amount.
Bitcoin — Adsterra will apply a 0.1% commission for Bitcoin transactions.  Please keep in mind that Bitcoin rates are very unstable and are constantly changing.
Webmoney — Adsterra charges 0.8% of payout sum (maximum of $50).
Paxum — Adsterra charges a fixed fee of $1 for every transaction.
Epayments — Adsterra does not charge any fees for money transfers. Epayments does not charge any fees for money loaded. Unfortunately, Epayments does not accept users from some countries (India, Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, Myanmar). You can ask Epayments’ customer support if your country is in the black list.
Payza — Adsterra does not charge any fees but Payza might charge 4% of the total transaction.
Wire (bank transfer) — Adsterra will charge $50 for USD bank transfers and $0 for EUR bank transfers. You will be required to provide valid documentation in English.
Minimum payout for PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments, Payza is $100 and for bank wire, minimum payout is $1000 PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, ePayments, Payza payments are instant, however keep in mind that there will be a slight delay in the funds being visible in your accounts. Wire transfers usually arrive within 3-4 business days.
Payment dates are on the 1st -2nd and 16th -17th of each month. If these dates fall on weekends, or holidays the payments will be processed on next business day.
On payment dates payouts are processed from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm GMT.
To find out when your payment date will be, figure out when your profit reached $100. If it is in the period 1st -15th of the month ,then you will be paid on 1st or 2nd of next month, if it is in a period from 16th  till the end of month, then you will be paid on 16th  or 17th  of next month.
For example, if you reached $100 on the 8th of June, then your payment will be processed on 1st or 2nd of July. If you reached $100 on 16th of June then your payment will be processed on 16th or 17th of July. If the 1st of July is on a Saturday, then payments will be processed on 3rd or 4th of July.

AdsTerra offers customer support through email and Skype. Their site also has an extensive resource and FAQ section where you can find quickly find answers and solutions.
Surprisingly, there is no online chat option available; however their Skype support was very useful.
Terms, Conditions, and Other Notes:
AdTerra‘s terms and conditions are designed to maintain the safety and quality of their network. There are requirements for site quality and popularity, for instance:
·Sites must meet certain traffic levels and cannot have less than a 1M rank. However, if your site has a popular Facebook page, or if you own other high traffic sites, AdsTerra will review your application on a case by case basis.
·Sites must be complete with content. In other words, sites that are under maintenance or unavailable will be rejected. Sites with too few posts, or too many blank pages will also be rejected.
·The website cannot be over stuffed with advertisements. Sites cannot have 15 or more banners and 5 or more popunders. Sites determined to be popunder or banner farms will be rejected.

Some sites are not welcome on AdsTerra
Certain categories and content of sites are rejected. AdsTerra will reject your site if any of the following applies:
·Sites that promote, enable, or connect to illegal activity (such as how to make drugs, how to commit crimes, etc). Site cannot link to other sites containing the promotion of illegal content.
·Hacking and Phreaking
·Site that promote hate based on race, religion, Ethnicity, or political affiliation.
·Site that promote or enable the abuse, physical harm and defamation of others.
·Sites that distribute Spam (unsolicited emails) or engage in chat and forum abuse, inappropriate newsgroup postings, or cyber-bullying.
·Site with false advertising, altered link codes, illegal advertisements, and deliberate misrepresentation of promoted material.
If you are found to be artificially inflating traffic counts using methods such as (including but not limited to) a device, program or robot (bots), you will be banned from using AdsTerra. They also reserve the right to refuse entry to your site for reasons not specified. In general, they do not want sites that have any illegal materials, are incomplete, have low quality content, or material that can be seen as objectionable or overtly offensive. Note that they do not allow any type of pornographic site, but there are other ad networks out there that do accept these types of sites.
Referral Program
AdsTerra has a referral program that offers 5% of the revenue generated by the publishers you referred for a lifetime (as long as the publisher remains online, of course). You can attract referrals to them via blogging, social networks, text links and other options.
CPM Rates
You may compare AdsTerra’s CPM rates vs Propeller Ads and Hilltop Ads or other ad networks by countries.
·100% fill rate
·Allows traffic from adult sites
·Reliable support available through skype
·Reliably high CPM rates for desktop and mobile traffic
·Offer back URLs for unsold traffic by request
·Stats from some Asian Countries will have some discrepancies and may not always be accurate
·The minimum payout is high when compared to other ad networks
·Low CPM rates for tier-2 and tier-3 countries
Final thoughts:
AdsTerra connects publishers with well-vetted quality advertisers and vice versa. They really excel when it comes to quality control and fraud prevention. For example, they use a technology called Geo-edge which monitors traffic sources and searches for fake traffic sources, such as bots. This helps cut back on traffic fraud significantly. They also monitor both sites and ads for malware, viruses, and other issues.  What this means for publishers, is higher payouts and a more reliable ad network.
They have plenty of options for ad formats, for both desktop and mobile platforms In addition, they have different targeting options, to help ensure the right ads are shown to the right audiences. These customization options means AdsTerra is flexible enough to fit in with just about any site.
AdsTerra may not be the best choice for sites that are just starting out, as they do have minimum deposit and traffic requirements and a higher payout threshold compared to other ad networks. However, overall AdsTerra, is a large and reliable ad network with great quality control and fraud prevention practices, good fill rates, and timely guaranteed payments.
What are you waiting for?
There are advantages and disadvantages to every ad network. Thanks to ad mediation services like AdsTerra, publishers can link themselves up to all of the platforms above and reap the benefits that each can offer.
This practice naturally enhances a publisher’s opportunities for better ad monetization by allowing networks to compete with each other for their traffic in real time.  Not only this, with some publishers managing to increase their revenue by 100% as a result of using AdsTerra, there are obvious financial benefits to be had.