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What is the purpose of life?


Most students coming from school level to college level are reluctant to test their abilities even though coming to this level they have to make an important decision in their professional life that they have to choose a department and move on. Doing so gives them a path to accomplish their professional life goals that takes them to their destination.
Since I have three categories of students

1: Out standing
2: Good
3: Fair

Students in the first category are those who have a passion for God as well as a passion for achieving their life goals and for that they study with special dedication to improve their lives without any pressure. And show everyone how to beat time by controlling their fists while ensuring their success.

Level 2 students are those whose life goals their father or someone else chooses and they strive to achieve that goal but do not have the dedication because they lack self-esteem and do not know. This is because they lack the power to decide how they should achieve the goal they have been proposed for. They work hard but they have no passion for their labor.

Students in Category 3 are those who have no purpose or no passion. They continue their studies by bus, but bus education is no more than just a time pass. Such students destroy their own lives by running away from hard work, they do not understand what their potential is and how they can use it to achieve a great success for themselves.

Nothing Impossible In Life
Because Impossible says itself m possible i

So don't ever think that you can't do anything. You can do everything you want. Just a little courage is required to prepare yourself for this. Because it is time to celebrate your identity and not to waste yourself. A successful person is someone who knows the art of living or else dying is a day for everyone.

But you will be wondering how ????

At first, you are afraid that we can never achieve this goal, but if you have a dedication in your heart, you will think that I should try not to go hand in hand with this. They set off on their journey to success, but you do not understand what strategy you should adopt for it. This step is a test of your hidden capabilities. They are ready to try the tactics that will give you a way to reach your goals, so you can go step-by-step.

The first step is to achieve that goal

The second step is to develop the right strategy at the right time,

The third and important step is to work hard and achieve your goal by following the strategy that you have developed.
If you continue to work hard and be self-confident, make sure you get what you want

The poet said

O passion, everything I want in my heart comes against me
If I want to get to the floor, then the floor will be exposed.