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Who is lying 5 ways to catch

Have been hearing from childhood that if you lie, the nose will lengthen like a pinoque ... the tongue will turn black ... or anything will get worse ... But the truth is that the liar is doing his job. It goes away and we keep shaking hands ... but not anymore.

If you are talking to anyone, keep these five things in mind and it will be very easy for you to lie.

The idea of ​​physical movements
Whenever you talk to someone, look at his hands carefully - if his talk involves a slight lie, he will try to hide or tie his hands - his hand is unintentional. He will also move a lot which he will try to control - at the same time he will lean on his shoulders and stand upright and try to lower himself ... if any of these signs If obvious, a lie is indicated.

Facial expressions
Another great way to lie is to read the impressions on his face - if he is repeatedly biting his lips or pressing his teeth and lips, the nasal passages If you are repeatedly swollen or sweating as you speak, understand that the matter is messed up - it may also include sudden light headiness on the face.

A liar is often forgotten when describing an event - when he repeats the same thing two minutes later, he will see some difference and at the same time he will repeat himself from this lie. The bar will look like, well, what did I do, how did that girl or that guy or, I can't even think, etc. 

Mouth and eyes
A liar unintentionally often takes his hand to his mouth or eyes while lying - it is psychologically he does not even know, which you try to hide what the mind does not believe. - Putting a hand on the eyes or mouth while speaking.

Repeat swearing or assure the truth
The liar swears repeatedly and also assures me that I am telling the truth.

Remember! True bitterness is, of course, but the sweetness of a liar is much better - so beware of lies.